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A strange haunting

Now I need to go back to the dawn of my childhood. That is to the age when I was around 2 years or so. At times, during my times of slumber, my mind would visualise a female figure looking at me from a sort of photo frame, in an expression of looking at a vanquished enemy or an ensnared animal, with a glee that was aimed at mental disturbance.

Her eyes were of a frightening quality, as they glared and gloated with some satanic pleasure. I would wake up from my slumber with a start, sweating. These imageries did not happen quite often, and were more or less isolated incidence. I would get an inner feeling of connecting this figure with two of females that I did know. One was an aunt and the other was my own mother.

Over the years, the memory of this figure was more and more connected to my mother. Even though actually this was a very slight memory in my mind, and rare one at that, at this moment in time, I think that it would be quite good to record this. I hope to make my reasons clear later.

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