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An addiction for leadership and its routes

One of my earlier impressions about my family life was of a socially very powerful mother, and a sort of non-entity father. My mother was always having some men with her to attend to her commands, while my father did not seem to have such a following. It was quite an erroneous impression that many others were also to have. Later in my life I came to understand that my mother was only having such persons as peons and clerks from her office to be on attendance to her at home. It was to give her a commanding personality, wherein she could be seen as some sort of a regal personality.

I came to understand in later life that she had a real craving for leadership as a sort of addiction. As I came to study her personality, the understanding came that she was quite clever in using the various indicant levels of words to create dissension in other leaderships, that were not in concurrence with that of hers.

For some reason, she could not bear to have any other competing leaders in her presence. She would quite easily destroy any such personality who could be a threat to her leadership, by simply elevating lower class persons to the levels of her competitors. In fact, she was quite successful in dismantling any leadership her husband could manage to build up. She used many techniques, most of them quite simple.

If her husband had any workers of his own, she would make them attend to her commands, and then she would feed them. By means of simple and even unremarkable words, she would convey stories, and information that would give the impression that her husband was a crook, a quack and a cranky person.

Along with this, simple stories of her great achievement in government service would be doled out to the doting guys. In no time, her husband would be a non-entity to his own workers. They would wonder how such a nut could marry such a regal person.

However, I was later to discern that she was regal only among persons who knew her regal personality and to stark outsiders, she was just another cranky woman. I was to experience the power of proper introduction. The way indicant words change with and without proper introduction.

Another thing that I came to know of her was that she was an expert in Gandhian form of leadership. That of having a mob of uneducated guys always with her, who would lend powerful respect to her. She was not quite comfortable with persons who were at a higher intellectual or social capacity, in an absolute sense. However, when she needed to be with them, she would only appear there only in a preset social scenery wherein she was surrounded by a group of respectful followers.

They would quite easily lend the information through the powerful Malayalam higher indicant words of respect that she was a highly placed person. Without this appendix, she was a nonentity.

However, it must be said that all social communication and leadership set up in India does work on this social set up, which leaders take pain to set up with meticulous planning.

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