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Codes of reality!

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The effect of the contorted virtual space

Now, the question that bore on me was where would the angular pull of her new position in the virtual code arena act on her.

I was now living a bit far away from my family, so I could not see any change on her demeanour on a daily basis. But then, soon I could notice it. Her hair which had been quite straight was curling. Moreover, physically she was becoming leaner, probably due to missing her food in the hurry to catch the school bus.

See this video taken just four months after she joined her school. Her hair is very noticeably curling. If the audio is muted, the physical change can be better understood.

Actually in terms of social value, she was in an affluent students’ school. But the effect on her was quite negative. See these videos and photos connected to her school: 

These images have been omitted in the current version of this book.

However, each year during the holiday seasons, I would get her trained again in my systems. During her school days, I could get to see her very rarely. It was a situation wherein she sort of oscillated between a diagonally pulling down string at school, and a straightening pull of English during her holidays.

It may be mentioned that she was a very powerful trainer in our English teaching institution all these years. See these photos of hers, taken by students from our organisation where she is a trainer. Her hair is curled, yet the English effect is there.  However, in many ways, her facial expression and even its shape has changed.

In her school, she did not have any occasion to learn or speak Malayalam. Yet, the affect of the lower placing of all the students was there. It did have its affect. Yet, the question is there as to why she is more affected by the lower placing than is the others. For, some kids at least who are brought up in such lower placing are able to shed off this negative effect. Herein lies the issue of where Varuna had been placed, and the effect of the angular pull that can on her.

This factor can be explained by this: a female police constable is a great person to the lower section of the population. She is powerful, and thus can show a lot of abilities and personality development. Yet, she is assigned the lower indicant words by her superiors. However the lower section of the population assigns her the higher indicant words. She is quite comfortable with this ambivalent situation. In fact, there is a personality development in her. 

Now think of a senior female police official. She is from the Indian Police Service (IPS). She exists on the higher indicant levels as far as the lower police personnel are concerned. By some cataclysmic happening this woman suddenly comes to occupy a position below a police constable. What would be the situation?

She is a person located in the higher positions in the virtual code. Now, she is in a position wherein the ordinary constables can address her with a Nee, and refer to her as Aval. From her innate location in the heights, she is brutally being pulled down. A sharp angular pull to the bottom. There shall be a powerful negative twist in her personality. However, since she is an adult person, much physical distortions may not be seen, yet, it will be there mentally.

Varuna’s situation is slightly akin to this. However, in her case, since she does not know Malayalam, she cannot position anyone under her. And she cannot keep anyone above her also. So the situation is a bit more powerful in her, yet, the only saving factor is that she cannot understand Malayalam. That can slightly help her, yet, her position in the virtual code arena has been powerfully pulled towards the depths.

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