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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The bend at the neck

I did observe another quite significant feature change in her. Due to the English ambience strictly enwrapped around her, she had no bend on her neck region. This bend is typical of ordinary persons who speak Malayalam. In fact, in each Indian language speaking person, there is a bend on his or her neck region, which is characteristic to that specific language.

The exact angle or slope of the bend may depend on many things. However what creates this bend is actually the pull and push of the lower indicant words, as they have bombarded a person since his or her very childhood. But then beyond this material world explanation, it would be appropriate to mention that actually in the virtual arena, the space is literally curved, due to the codes of lower indicant words. In short, a person put into this slot has to necessarily bend, for the space is curved there.

From Varuna’s photos it is clear that she did not have this bend in her neck region. However after a few months of being in the school, I started noticing her neck region bending. Immediately I had to inform her of this fact. I told to take care of her sitting postures and such. But then, there was not much use, for she had been stuck into a virtual arena slot where her feature had to bend. Even though she did not understand Malayalam, the total environment of her being a student kept at a lower indicant word level did create this curvature in the virtual space around her.

However, since I did notice this feature, I took steps during her holidays to correct this by recreating the powerful liberating English environment around her.

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