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What is language!

How I practised apartheid

There is this video of Varuna that I think I need to discuss here. It was a ten minute speech done by her on a formal occasion. You can view it on YouTube if you search for Varuna’s Speech. (I have currently removed the video).

In many ways this speech will stand evidence to the contradictions of Indian political hype. The two prominent women sitting on the stage are prominent local politicians. The first one, sitting next to the spectacled man is the local member of the state legislative assembly. The other is also a prominent politician. Both are from the communist party. Naturally, they are the rich and powerful folk around. Compared to them, Varuna comes from a lower income bracket family. Yet, the English aura in Varuna can give an impression that is just the opposite.

When viewing the video, please observe the facial expression of the others, who are from the same place and genetic pool that Varuna also belongs to. What I am emphasising is the change a total alignment to English can make.

The second thing is the issue of apartheid that I had practised on the local populace. It is like this: in the local society, the rich and powerful are considered as natural focus of interest and attraction. However, since they were not good in English, they were not considered attractive by me.

The next issue was what happens when one mingles with the kind of women and off course men, who are exemplified in the video. They are more aged, socially prominent, having political powers and influence, and also rich. If Varuna was to mix with them at their level of culture and communication, she is then an Aval (oal) (lower she, her), and a Nee (inhi) (lower You). At the same time, they would be higher in all form of address (Ningal, Sar, Checchi, Chettan etc.) and reference (Avar, Adheham, Sar, Chechhi, Chettan etc.). 

In fact, if apartheid was not practised on them by Varuna, she goes down to the levels of atrophy. Here, I need to explain a bit on apartheid from a perspective that could easily elude the English speaker.

When I used to live away from my house some ten years back, I was fully dependant on restaurant food. In India, there is not much idea about cleanliness, despite so much hype to the contrary. The servers of food invariably touch food with their unkempt hands. Moreover, when serving drinking water in glasses, many of them insert one or two fingers into the glass, right down the water.  This type of lack of cleanliness in serving food could cause amebiasis, stomach upsets, and diarrhoea. Usually when asking for drinking water, I used to insist on boiled water.

Many times, I would have to manage with non-boiled water. I would ask the waiter to serve water without poking his hands inside the glass. At times, I used to tell the waiter not to touch the food to be served with hands which were not clean.

Some of them would oblige. Others would take a very contrary stand. It was taken as a personal affront, and they would deliberately do the opposite of what I requested for. Some of them would tell me that food is made by hands, and that non-touched by hand water is not available anywhere.

Now, this is the same issue with apartheid. There is something negative in the persons who are seen as repulsive. To say that it is the black colour that is repulsive is utter nonsense. For if black is so repulsive, then who would use black as a colour for any purpose. Moreover, Barack Obama was voted to power by a White majority population. What was attractive in him was obviously his British antecedent, that of his mother being of British blood. So, English refinement was there in him, despite his black colour. 

In the same manner, it is only logical to understand that if anyone is seen as a distress, then they themselves are duty bound to find out what it is that is distressing to others. If they are not bothered to correct themselves (for they have every right to continue as they are), they also have the moral duty not to impose themselves on others.

In the video in question here, the female politician has a power over almost all the youngsters on the stage, by codes that is encoded in the language. For, she can address them all with the ancient feudal domination words of Nee, and refer to them all as Aval and Avan. When these words are used, the youngsters naturally fall in line as of disciples, followers and members of her team. It is an enforcing group of words, all of the lower indicant levels.

Now, in the case of Varuna, she stands as an upstart and an outsider to this encasing domination. Whatever the politician says, more or less fall on deaf ears as far as Varuna was concerned. For, she does not know the language.

Another thing may also be mentioned here. The females in the video, especially the political ones are now aiming for a reservation for women, in the national parliament. It is argued that they want to overcome the suppression that the men folk enact on them. Actually, this suppression is not something that men folk does, but something everyone in this land does on everyone possible. For, it is in the language.

Actually women want freedom not only from suppressive men, but also from suppressive women. This can be achieved by merely not learning diabolic languages, and opting for English.

Moreover, Varuna has one sister, Ashwina. Her experiences also need to be discussed. For, by the time she was born, the other side in both the families (father’s as well as mother’s) was more ready to forestall my aims. It is quite another story.

I do have many other proofs about the existence of this virtual code arena and virtual software. To bring them out, I may need to go through my life experiences, which have been quite fascinating in terms of events and incidences.

Yet, before concluding, I need to say that there was this debate that I had on HowWhatWhy. The debate title is Language as a weapon. In that debate, at least one debater argued that since the English citizens do not understand feudal languages, they are safe from its sting. Well, I do not really think so.

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