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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 4
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Language as a weapon - 1

I did do a minor part of my writings on the forum pages of another Britain based web forum pages. It is a fact that my writings were generally treated with a bit of scorn or at least bemused tolerance.

There were such statements as: Even our friend, the original poster, apparently has talked himself into thinking this is a newly-discovered idea while it’s actually as old as mankind itself.

What really was shocking however was the sheer thick-headedness of the readers there, mostly native English-speakers, in not being able to see the dangers of another communication software creeping inside their soft world.

The link to the original post given here is:

In the Indian mythology, there is a very long epic by name Mahabharatha . It is a very long and complicated story.

I am taking just one small incident from it.

Dhronacharya was the great martial arts teacher of the Pandavas, and the Kauravas, whose fathers were brothers (meaning that they were cousins). Later in the battle that took place in Kurushethra, the cousins fought a mighty battle that literally destroyed their might, and left the Pandavas the winner.

Dhronacharya, their martial arts teacher stood on the side of the (evil) Kauravas. In battle, it was literally impossible to defeat him, in that he was the master of all the divine techniques of warfare.

In their desperation to win the battle, the Pandavas used a cunning method. They brought an elephant to the warfare, after naming it the same name as that of Dhronacharya’s son, Ashawathamav’. It was a known thing that Dhronacharya loved his son, like nothing else.

In the battle, the elephant was allowed to be killed. Then a lot of rejoicing was done by the same Pandavas, to the effect that ‘Ashawathamav’ was dead. Dhronacharya heard this celebration. He queried of the Pandavas whether it was true that ‘Ashawathamav’ was dead. He was given an affirmative answer.

Hearing this terrible news, he laid down his arms, and simply allowed himself to be overwhelmed by the enemy forces.

Now this the power of message, that comes conveyed through the software known as language.

It is very much possible that our brain is a super computer, commanded by a super software. Instead of aiming a gun at the head, and shooting it down with a bullet, imagine a machine that can focus on the brain and send a message as one sends a message to a mobile phone. This message can literally dismantle the running of the software that controls the brain. The man is dead.

No known signals, or rays can do this, other than radiation which can attack the hardware, not the software.

Now, it is my contention that language is the software that can be aimed at a human brain, to dismantle the running of its software.

The various mantras in Sanskrit, the chantings in the Tantric philosophies, or in western witchcraft may linger on the boundaries of this contention of mine.

Let me conclude to come back again, another time, with one more input.

Where are you going?

In the local vernacular, where I am stuck, this dialogue can be said with around 7 differing social levels of ‘You’.

Each level has a very fierce effect on the person who it is directed at, the person who says it, and to the onlookers, who also hear. It is more complicated by the fact that the relative statures of who addresses who also come into play, when the effect is gauged.

The effects vary from that of most honouring to that of exquisite disparagement. In a society, where a lot of mutually competing hierarchies, exist, and where people are selective in what hierarchy to accept, the schizophrenic levels of social moods that comes to play can not be imagined from English.

It affects the very genetic design. English social communication cannot even imagine, its multifarious, malignant effects, other than through its comprehensive effects.

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