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Encoding brooding barrier to cumulative social development

Actually, feudal language speaking persons do not usually help the downtrodden to come up. For they understand that by helping the downtrodden, they are merely making them equal to themselves. In which case, all that would be achieved in the long run would be that the downtrodden would use less respectful words as they progressively go up in social and financial standards.  In many ways, this is the reason that most feudal language nations have terrible problems of poverty and privation right insides places of splendour and lavishness.

There is always an undercurrent of uneasy brooding in most feudal language social communication, especially if it relates to something that can enhance another person’s attributes. Immediately there comes into spontaneous play, a brooding on the ways and manners the other man’s indicant word descriptions would change. It would go beyond to a concern on how this change in the other man would affect him.

For example, a man is going to do something wherein he would start garnering more respect. The immediate effect would be that the first man’s own relative indicant words may go down. When another man changes from ayaal to avar, the first man himself would remain an ayaal or even avan.

Not only social leadership and command is linked to higher indicant words, but earning capacity is also directly related to higher indicant words. Here, I should put in the idea that even money is not really paper, coin or even bank balance, but are essentially codes that convey certain powers and forces into the codes connected to a person or institution. This theme is a separate theme and need not be discussed here.

Now coming back to the theme of the undercurrent of uneasy brooding, what happens is that people would seem to act weirdly, go back on their words, break promises, act with strange disloyalty and do such similar things, all for no obvious reasons. However to those who understand feudal language mental settings, the reasons would be clear. For, here social logic moves strictly on a see-saw effect. That is, the uneasy feeling that if another man goes up, there is a powerful pushing down of another.

This effect is not understandable in English. For in the feudal language world, the words are not single, but an array; and are connected to powerful positions in the 3-dimensional spatial world.

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