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Diabolic issues of equality

Generally in India, superior persons keep away from attaining a pose of equality with those who are perceived inferiors. The superiority need not be in wealth, but in refinement, learning and such. If such persons are superior in other attributes other than wealth, their superiority is not generally acknowledged as powerful by inferiors. Here inferiority can be in learning, refinement as well as in financial acumen.

There is a huge virtual code issue when the superior of refinement try to encourage equality from the lower classes. Usually no sensible person in a feudal language social system would do this. In fact, no one with some sense would love to encourage the lower classes to come up by means of education, physical prowess, social connections etc. For, if these things be lent, the lower classes would rise up. Then the next thing to happen would be that they would refrain from using terms of respect to the benefactor. They would try to bring him to equality. In other words, they would start using lower indicant words to and about him. That is what equality means in feudal language societies.

Only the British, being outsiders to the Indian social system,  and also because they were prodded to do so by the wise guys back home in England, did the unthinkable thing. That of imparting English education to the lower classes in India. And they did reap its benefits. That of being the butt of all sorts of allegations; including thievery. All this is besides the point here.

When lower class persons are raised to levels of equality, the higher level person is allowing himself to go down to their level. They rise up, and a sort of balance is achieved mid way; wherein the lower person rises up and the higher person goes lower. In the code arena, the higher person is brought down to a location wherein he is more or less held in a vice-like grip by the codes of the lower persons. That is what happens in feudal language communication systems.

Now, what happens is that such an individual who is thus held may suffer from issues of turbulence in his life. For, every time he proposes to move back to his innate positions, the codes of the other persons would go into active mode and hold him back. In the material world, what is seen is a lot of issues of jealousy, grudge, backstabbing and such things. For if he goes back to his heights, there would be a sudden upsetting of the balance that had been maintained. Moreover, his codes had given the strings to hold them up. Once these strings go slack, there would be tumbling among the others.

However, it may be mentioned that usually this scenario rarely is seen in reality. For all persons who proclaim their aim to uplift the downtrodden and other lower classes, keep away from their gripping hold, by always maintaining them down in the lower indicant levels. They themselves take care to see that they remain high up in the higher indicant word level. So in a feudal language nation, in spite of immense persons acting round the clock to uplift the downtrodden, the downtrodden would still carry the encumbrances of lower indicant negativity.

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