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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Language as the creator of castes

All languages have a capacity to sieve out individuals and arrange them as per the social design encoded in the language. For example, Indian feudal languages do have the capacity to arrange persons into a caste-like structure even if technically and legally caste has been abolished. It has been seen since the Indian independence. When the British rule, both that of the East India Company as well as that of the British Crown, was there, there was a powerful dismantling of the designs of the ancient caste system in many places in India. This was because of the entry of the English language and also due to the weight-age given to English knowledge for public services.

This led to the arranging of persons from varied castes into the administrative services. Naturally it would have had its painful side also, as persons connected to lower castes came into position of administration. As the local language was feudal, jobs in administration naturally would turn out to be jobs of power, for that is how jobs in government services in understood and designed in feudal languages.

Then came the newer jobs like that of Doctors, engineers, various professionals like that of management etc. all of which put in their claim to superior status in the local feudal language codes. However, with the tumbling down of the ancient caste structure, not only due to the British rule, but also due to the enforcing of reservation for the lower castes by the Indian government, persons from various castes came into such professions. However, the essential social structure was designed by feudal language codes. So, even though newer professions came into the society, caste system did not die out. It only redesigned itself as per the requirements of the newer jobs.

So that doctors, engineers, government employees, teachers and such others started claims to higher social status, and started emerging as newer castes. For example, an engineer from one caste would not marry a driver, tailor, carpenter and such professionals from the same caste.

He or she would be more comfortable with someone from the newer superior castes. It was not really an issue of being more intellectually comfy, as can be understood in English, (even though this issue is also there), but more due to the reasons of social communication issues created by the local feudal vernacular.

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