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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The random dynamic 3-dimensional positions

Before going ahead, it would be good to understand what a feudal language can do spatially. Imagine a three-dimensional space wherein human beings exist. If human beings are living in a social system based on a language like English, they are more or less arranged in a planar manner. There may be slight protrusions from the standard plane, because of the effect of financial status, professional status, job, connection to powers of centre etc.

However, in the case of a social system based on a feudal language, human beings are placed randomly at far distances deep into the spaces, far from the standard plane. Many of them can be in a static position due to their immovable social status. However, since each person can go on being a different You, He, She, His, Her etc. for different persons, they all do have some or big amount of movement about their standard location.

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