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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Another illustration:

A man approaches a police station for any service. He says that he is a close relative of the District Superintendant of Police (SP). The words of address by the police Sub Inspector would be ‘Sar’ (higher word for You, He etc.) Tea and a bite are immediately offered.

Instead, he says that he is something like a teacher or a social somebody, the addressing can be more or less Ningal. Tea and bite may not be on offer, but a seat might be offered.

If instead of this, the man says that he is something like a casual worker, taxi driver or some such thing, the words of address can very fast go down to Nee (lowest You). If he has entered without any patron to support him, and he is insistent in his demands, abusive words can be expected. Once the addressing turns to Nee, even a slap or a snapping word, are really imminent.

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