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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The power component

I have stated that in feudal language social systems, human beings naturally get encoded with a power component. This is really a relative item. It is like the concept of potential energy in physics. Actually, this power component can be understood as a component of the potential energy.

For readers here, who do not understand what is potential energy, let me explain thus. Water is falling from a great height. When it reaches down, it carries a huge power or energy (kinetic energy) or force in it, due to the speed at which it is reaching that particular point. Thus the energy it has then is connected to the height from which it started is fall. If the falling-on platform is raised higher, naturally the distance the water has fallen is reduced and the kinetic energy there is less. So, the water has a potential energy at a particular height, which gets converted to kinetic energy (energy created by speed).

This potential energy is not constant, but is intrinsically connected to the height of the place. If the falling-from platform is moved up or down, naturally the water at the same place has a different potential energy connected to new distance from the platform.

In the same way, words also do have potential energy, which gets converted into powerful kinetic energy as they impact another human being. In the same way, as in the case of the falling water, this potential energy is connected to the relative distance between the two different persons, as they exist in the 3-diamensional space. As all persons exist in different places in the 3-dimensional space, actually the effective value of this force is the angular component of the force.

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