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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The vertical shift in the platform

Now, it may be stressed here again that human beings in a feudal language social set-up do not continuously stay in the same position in the 3-dimensional space. For example, look at this scenario. There is a low-caste, financially weak man. When his children address him, or refer to him, they use respectful words. He is in a higher area. However, when the high-caste, rich landlord addresses him or refers to him, he is shifted to a very low plane.

The reader here may need to grasp the issue of this shift, and bear in mind that when this low-caste man addresses another man or refers to him, the potential energy of his words depend on the effective spatial area he is in when he thus speaks. If he is in the depth, the way his words of pull and push would affect another would be different from the way it would, if he were in the heights.

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