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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The plugged in state

Beyond that, there is need to understand that there are powerful enwrapping cloak-like things that keep a person at a particular domain area. Consider this situation: A man joins a private company as a peon, or as a clerk, or as a manager, in a feudal language setting. The moment he joins, he is getting himself enrolled into a domain area, where all the other employees of that organisation are also enrolled in. He is part of a powerful hierarchy. He may have others below him, and others above him. All of them are under the command and control of the boss, who keeps them all in a specific 3-dimensional spatial design.

This man’s code will be encoded with the power component that has been created for him. This also will have a cumulative effect on his total power component, as it shifts dynamically as others in the social system addresses him or refers to him.

Now, what is the potential energy of his words, and how do they affect others? Here it may be mentioned that the effect can be differentiated as positive as well as negative. Both are quite powerful.

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