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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Designs of my life

One of the major themes that really designed the direction of my life was the dilemma that I faced at a quite early age about what to do with my life. Due to the inner view of Indian bureaucracy at a very young age, and sensing the rapid lowering of quality that was taking place inside it, I was quite averse to joining the Indian bureaucracy. There is much to be said about incidences in this regard.

The second thing was the other option. That of working under other Indians. Well, that was seen as an abominable thing for me, as I found most them of very horrendous mentality, coupled with the using of snubbing feudal language codes to those who worked under them. If I were to come to be placed under such persons, I would fast become one such person, with the same level of hideous cunningness.

I opted for a third route. That of being self-employed, and to do business as a means of livelihood. This choice also led to me to very picturesque experiences that made me move to various corners of the nation. I was to learn a lot of businesses, inside out.

Now let me conclude by relating a very curious experiment that I did.

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