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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The non-tangible links

I have mentioned that language is a software. Well, it has many features of a computer software. For example, it does function in a manner which is very much like an Internet. One of the very obvious things noticeable is that in feudal languages, the other person has a great say in deciding what one is, how one can be defined and the social level at which one can be displayed. When a person uses the words Nee, Aval, Avalkku (for her) etc. about another person, the second person more or less is brought into a reduced social form, depleted of a certain energies and positions. It is the same way in the Internet. It is seen that everyone are thus connected by unseen lines or links, which are quite powerful. In fact, the whole society is crisscrossed by such unseen and non-tangible lines of forces, which are quite powerful.

In a similar manner, the Internet is also crisscrossed by such lines of links, which are non-tangible, but quite powerful. For example, one can simply connect to another website, image, video and such other things by simply making a link code on one’s own website, or in an email and such other things. Moreover, the manner in which the other website or video is displayed can also be decided by making an appropriate change in the linking codes. For example, there are provisions for such things as Parent, Blank, Self etc. displays. Using them appropriately, one can even have another website made to be displayed in a way in which it can be seen as subordinate to one’s own website.

Actually there is much more to be said about this. For, the reality is that both the universe as well our own physical bodies is the creation of software. Language codes do act in close association with those codes, and there is much evidence to show that the complete reality is interlinked. Words and similar codes used at far unconnected distances do affect across the distances, to activate certain effects on seemingly unconnected objects. The same way that a website in a far-off location server can be connected by a simple coding in our own website or computer.

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