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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Virtual velocity and the effect of rituals

Now, let me make this observation: Feudal language system is in many ways akin to the gear machinery in modern automobiles. For example, there are four gears in a car. When the moving vehicle is put on the first gear, the vehicle moves at a very slow pace. When the second gear is engaged, the vehicle moves faster. The third and fourth give more speed.

In a similar manner, when a lower indicant word usage is used to link to a person, his total social capacities slow down. His official papers move at sluggish pace; others wouldn’t give much credence to his issues; he would be treated with least concern; there would not be much social importance to his rights and demands. In short, he would be encased in powerful negativity, and this can even affect his powers of earning negatively.

However, wherever his indicant words are changed to a higher one, like one change the gear, there would be a marked lessening of all these effects. When the highest indicant words are connected to him, the effect would be that of loosening up of all hindering blocks. People make haste to attend to his commands, his desires are treated as divine desires, his deeds are great, and all his official paper work move at lightning speed.

Now, it needs to be mentioned here that actually even actual words are not required. For example, the simple act of someone getting up in a pose of honouring another person conveys the same effect. The thus-honoured person’s papers and other things get high level attendance. Things work for him. Actually, the simple act of getting up done by another has added some positive codes into the other person’s codes. Well, aren’t we now in the premises of simple rituals actually adding some value into virtual codes?

These sorts of effects are certainly not there in English communication systems. If at all it is there, it is only in a very minor manner. However, the issue of certain ritualistic acts really having positive or negative inputs needs to be studied.

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