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What is language!

The ennobling negativity

Again, it needs to be mentioned that a lowly placed person can ennoble and encase another person with positive energy by using higher indicant words about him. For, when lowly placed persons do thus, they are making him arrive on the heights by the simple fact that they themselves are on the bottom of the abyss. The targeted person gets encoded with a huge potential energy, which is real and tangible.

In many ways, this is the reason that persons in feudal language nations value the presence of conceding lower placed persons to surround them, yet remain immovable in their lowliness. It can be seen in the case of all ‘honourable person’ phenomena, including that of Gandhi. Gandhi used to keep himself in close proximity to low-placed persons, including uneducated girls.

Some English observers mistakenly understood this to be some sort of noble feature in him, when actually Gandhi was garnering positive energy from the high indicant, respectful words and actions towards him extended by them. These persons and their words were actually lending him the requisite ennobling that made him stand out. This is turn would be sensed by others.

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