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Codes of reality!

What is language!

A minor extension

I want to give a minor extension of the idea that human body is a creation of codes. There is a woman nearby of whom I have heard. I have not seen here personally. It is said that she has a persistent propensity to get hit by lightning always. Even if she hides under the cots also, she is quite vulnerable. I have been told that there has been medical evaluation of her strange condition. Nothing conclusive could be found out as to why she is vulnerable in this manner.

Couldn’t it be a case of her having some codes in her life software which is coded to connect to lightening strikes? For, in the world of virtual codes, there is practically no distance between the two, other than what numerical values can input in.

This reaches us to ponder on what could be the codes of reality that creates electric flow. For flow is connected to potential differences.

If some contemplation is done in this area, we can even suspect that the direction instinct of migratory birds, persevering susceptibility to accidents seen in some persons, gut feelings or instinct and such things do have some virtual code link. These thoughts reach us to the next theme.

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