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Codes of reality!

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The virtual code Medical System

I have mentioned about a medical system that I came upon during my enquiry about virtual codes. In many ways looking from material world experiences, it was a series of coincidences that made me come upon this medical system. Yet, seen from the world of virtual codes, it is possible that what I experienced as a series of coincidences might actually have been due to precise dictates in my life software.

This medical system is Homeopathy. I have been aware of this system of medicine in a very cursory manner. However due to my over belief in the capacity of material sciences, I was of the opinion that the last word in medical understandings should come from allopathic medicine. One allopath, an MD, had once told me that homeopathy was nonsense in that it claims to treat some life force, which is believed to be present in living organisms. I could find sense in what he said, for such things as soul, life force and such things more or less fringed on the world of occultism.

However a chance meeting with a Homeopath and a series of homeopathic treatments led me to understand that there is something more to Homeopathy than meets the eyes. However even he was not able to explain clearly how homeopathy was effective.

Over the years, on close observation, I arrived at an increasing conviction that homeopathy was the virtual software medical system that I was querying about.

The way the errors of the life force was being diagnosed for purpose of finding the correct rectification input was quite like finding out the inner error in a software program, by studying the various frills errors and minor faults in working it was showing. Moreover, the amount of detailed querying on various minor issues like even that of left, right and such things really pointed to the fact that some patch up or rectification input was what homeopathy was doing by way of treatment of the life force.

This so-called life-force was quite indeed the life software that I was searching for.

Another thing that I did see was the negative effect of simple words done from certain powerful locations on homeopathic treatment. In other words, as homeopathic doses tried to rectify an error in the life software, words that arrive from certain powerful location could actually neutralise its effects. 

I do not have a deep knowledge of homeopathy. However, it is quite clear that the so-called medicines that homeopathy prescribes cannot actually come under the definition of ‘medicine’ as understood in allopathic medicine. For, in homeopathy the so-called medicines are only carrying a sort of memory of some material inputs. The actual material input more or less does not exist in the dose, for it is so highly diluted. Actually what the homeopathic medicine carries in only some code or numerical input, which enters some part of the life software from where in scans the software and does the patch up work.

It is my conviction that a deep study on homeopathy from the position that I have contented can give deep insight about the life software and also about the virtual codes of reality.

The details of my own experiences with homeopathy can be dealt with when my own life experiences are detailed. 

However, there is this to be mentioned: I did once see the effect of homeopathy on human body constitution. A very tough bodied person suddenly became a very soft bodied person for a temporary period. This happened during a treatment for an allergy. It was quite surprising to me that a person whose body was quite tough could transform so much.

It was akin to a street magic that I had witnessed. The magician took a rope which was slacking downward. He then stretched it straight and then, loo, it stood straight as a stick, perpendicularly. The magician explained that it was just a matter of a particular kind of fixing up of the strings. When kept at a specific angle to the ground, the fixing links connect in such a manner that they cannot bend. In other angles, the links do not fix tightly in a perpendicular direction.

Similarly, there was some code in the human body, which when manipulated, simply made the body soft. When the code was restored, the body returned to its original form.

In many ways, this was to set me to think that toughness of all material objects is simply an arrangement of the virtual codes behind them. A simple change, and a tough stone may turn into a soft ball.

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