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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The at home feeling

There is something known as companions. A boy is admitted into school; a person joins a workforce; a man joins the army; a woman joins as a teacher.  Well, in all these eventualities, what comes about is a linking of the codes of many others together in some manner to form a sort of web. A lot of links comes about in a mesh-like manner, through which a lot of information, emotions, messages, ideas, plans and projects etc. move. In a way, there comes about a powerful alignment as well as adjoining of individuals.

The link codes may act as sort of ropes or strings. In that, it is not easy for one individual entity to move off. For, he or she is powerfully kept in position by the knot of the string. It is a at home feeling, to be back to this pre-fixed slot. It is a powerful pull, similar to that of a stretched rubber band.

In a way it is a sort of hierarchical string that has been formed by the codes. However, here it is not a string as such, but a web of strings. Still, with a hierarchical arrangement. 


Now what is this at home feeling? It is basically the mental feeling one gets when one reaches home. This home can be anywhere; a terraced house, a thatched hut, a cottage made of hay, or even the roadside shelter made of plastic and rubbish. When one reaches that place, there is a definite feeling of one letting down one’s guard. The senses go relaxed. A feeling of security enters.

This feeling comes about when the individual’s virtual codes falls into perfect slot or alignment with the virtual codes of other entities, including individuals, and even the wall, furniture, window and other things in the home.

Places, buildings, groups, institutions etc. which can offer this type of virtual code alignment can really attract the person in a magnetic sort of manner. In many cases, this need not be a healthy slot, yet. For, virtual codes of others can be manipulated, manoeuvred or faked to give this effect. In which case, it can be a sort sorceress-like encoding. For, there is a virtual code pulling the person to be back at home, with the group, with the gang, inside the building etc. A feeling of being out of some flow and the need to re-enter. Well, this whispery call to be back is a virtual code action.

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