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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The virtual parameters of astrology and paranormal sciences

I have had the experience of knowing that astrology and horoscopes do have something connected to the virtual software. Moreover there are links and loops that an individual’s horoscope can have that are more or less connected to the material life of that person. Moreover, there may be something in numerology and even in paranormal events such as telepathy, clairvoyance and such, which may all be connected to the virtual software.

When a person’s life is like a free flowing river, with no obstacles, and every endeavour reaches onto his goal in a cause and effect manner, one may not be able to study the working of the inner codes that control human life. However, if an individual’s life is seen to be sort of haunted by some sort of an external intervention that is not tangible materially, then it may be able to study and observe the working of some codes that have inbuilt controlling designs.

From my own observation and experience, certain persons do have some codes in their life software which have certain loops, which go on sending their life in seeming vicious circles. They may or may not escape from their circle, depending on some numerical value entered into the numbers of loops to be performed before he or she can gain escape velocity to get out of the loop.

I have also observed certain persons, however intelligent and forewarned, do go on performing certain idiotic quirks that lead to cataclysmic effects, at certain predestined times.

In the case of certain persons, I have sort of observed a kind of time setting or a condition setting, which triggers certain action switches when the set time arrives, or when the pre-set conditions come. 

Things like horoscope matching and ideal partner may be connected to the innate synchronisation encoded into the life software of the persons involved. Moreover the hierarchical strings on to which the persons are linked to and their mutual concurrence and such things may also come into the picture of an ideal family life.

Moreover such things like persons with a predisposition for perpetual close shaves as in the case of 007, persons innately disposed to hairbreadth escapes from automobile accidents while driving, individuals having a continuous affinity for minor recurring accidents and such, do have certain specific codes in their life software that regulates such incidences with acute levels of precision. That is, a very definite distance, say 2 millimetres or so, is always there between them and physical disasters and accidents.

This distance cannot be compromised. It would be a definite value in their virtual code.

Some persons live lives in a sort of loops of ill-luck, some others simply experience things to work smoothly with not much effort from them. Even such things are connected to the codes in their life software and to the connected codes of reality.     

If human body is a creation of a reality software, and life itself is the operation of a software, then it may follow that reincarnation and earlier lives may be connected to them. There will be animosities, anxieties, wariness, yearnings, intellectual abilities, innate superiority complexes, inferiority complexes and such encoded into the life software, that move across the death and rebirth barrier.

Beyond all that there is always the question of what is the aim and role of the reality software creator’s ultimate aim. Is all our endeavours, mental actions, social issues, military activities and such, all focused on sending a string of fabulous experiences to some virtual area? 

To delve deep into them, there is need to go through my own life experiences.

If the reader has ever gone to any astrologer or mediums, there is the chance that he or she has been appraised about the existence of powerful goddess like Kali, Bhagawati, Durga and many other lesser gods and divinities. (There may be other non-Hindu versions of the same also). Many things like being possessed by them, dominated by them, and such things can be heard.

Actually, from my own observations, I feel that these entities, from the perspective of the virtual software, are just powerful software codes, that signify powerful entities. (Just like human being are software entities.) They may have powerful command lines, influences, negative and positives attributes, and even powers to intervene; encoded in their software codes. Yet, possibly they all remain subservient to the overall creator of the virtual software.

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