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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Before concluding the contentions

Let me say this: When people are linked together in languages like English, the links are just You, He, She, His, Hers, Hers and name with and without suffices like Mr., Mrs., Miss etc. However, when people get connected in a feudal language, each of the linking words mentioned here, comes with an array of usages. Instead of a straight line link, it can be an upward link, straight link, downward link, atrophying link, an ennobling link and such.

The issue is more complicated by the fact that many persons in the complex linking system can decide on what word to fix in a particular link.  This power given to others to affix any linking word of their choice as per their own mental evaluation of the persons involved creates a very powerful array of different links in a feudal language system as against the English system.

In many ways what is created here is a very dangerous and extremely volatile social communication system, that would require a draconian police machinery to maintain peace in a democracy. In a feudal social system, a stern placement of each and every individual member of the society in tight social positions, in a rigid hierarchy would be needed to maintain law and order, and peace.

Actually, all these things are minutely designed in the language codes. People only act and arrange themselves as per its dictates.

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