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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Lines of command

Now let me delve on the lines of command in a joint family system. A woman in such a system would come under the command of several of her uncles and aunts. The uncles and aunts themselves would be arranged in a hierarchy. This woman herself simply exists as one of the minor entities in this big string, or web of strings.

What is significant here is that there is a flow, direction and smoothness in all commands, desires and actions. If they all work in harmony, everything is fine and smooth. What create this harmony are the words that enforce the force, power, direction and hierarchy of the various entities. However, if anyone of the entities uses words that are contrary to this requirement, immediately there comes about a breakage, stoppage or going astray of the force, power, direction and hierarchy in the strings.

It is here, one sees the exact power of words. Words are just the codes that lend strength and direction to the strings. Every word that falls in line with the requirement, more or less keeps everyone in their required location and potential.

Now what is it that can create a wrong code or word in this string of human beings? Well, it can be other words, which bring in information, ideas, queries, suspicions, doubts, mutiny, upsetting of hierarchy and such things. Again it is seen that words can both enforce the force, power, direction and hierarchy inside such a string.

Well, coming back to the marital situation, it is seen that even wives are kept in position as wives, by regimentation brought in by the clasping hold of the string in which all individual piece concedes to the hold of the higher one, and at the same time hold tightly the lower one. A single word, that bring in any change in the potential and direction component of a particular piece can play havoc.

Here it is seen that language and words do play a great role in enforcing the force of hierarchy.

Now from this premises one need to go into a deeper theme. That of wavelength, frequency and synchronisation. In the string that was mentioned above, both the husband as well as the wife can be individual pieces located at different hierarchies. Whether they are just adjacent to each other or not, depends on the linking force of other pieces like the uncles, aunts, parents etc.

When the husband needs something and says it, the wife does it immediately, as if in automated machinery link. There is a sort of synchronisation in their action. One can say that there is a synchronisation in their wavelength and frequency. So that if this harmony is maintained, to the extent that both the husband as well as the wife synchronise perfectly to the requirements of each other, it is a sort of very harmonious situation. It can be said that the natural frequency of both are same. Then what happens is that the resultant vibration would be great amplitude and strength.

So that, there is a great stamina and strength in their actions. Whatever either one of them is endeavouring to do can really acquire a lot of power, which can possibly lead it to phenomenal success.  Actually it is not vibration per se, but a frictionless, highly lubricated flow of synchronised actions that lent power to the total effort. It leads to powerful success. For, everything works in a single direction towards success. 

Even though, I have mentioned this from an external perspective, the truth is that there would be matching code changes in the virtual world of codes and also corresponding vibrations (or coordinated actions) in the virtual 3-D virtual space. In fact, all the billions of codes connected to both the individuals would sense the coordination, the synchronisation and the harmony, by way of value changes. A string of synchronising values would get encrypted into all of them.

This would be seen in their sexual activity also. For sex essentially involves frequency, wavelength and also amplitude. When the husband-wife codes are close knit, it may reflect in their sexual harmony.

Even though, I initiated this point from a joint family perspective, the later said things are true for all human social systems, and not just joint family scenario.


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