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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Differing strings of hierarchy

From here, I need to go into the possibility of there being different strings of hierarchies embedded deep within the 3-D spatial area. In a Malayalam joint family social system area, a woman marries a man. The language codes of her family immediately get activated and he is literally pulled and pushed to fit into certain predesigned sockets in the language codes. Here he gets a position in the family hierarchy based on his age, his wife’s age, his financial acumen, his having a good job or not, his family’s social level, her family’s social level and many such things.

He is one of the links in the string/s that pass down from her uncles’, aunts’ and parents’ levels. He has many persons above him in the string/s and many others under him, all of them in various angular positions. It may be mentioned here in passing that an entire person need not be in a strings. In most cases, what is present is only a angular component of that person.

His wife is also equally fixed in the string. So far as he accedes to the demands of this string of force and power on him and from him, his wife is also in a link below him, at an angle. For the string literally places her under him. If she tries wriggle out of that position, the string would very forcefully try to bring her back and place her back. If she mutinies, what happens depend on how powerful she is, and how powerful the string is.

Now, this string may be visualised in the code world as having certain values in certain code positions that identifies the string, the position of the persons in the string, with a commonality encrypted into each person’s related codes. So that whatever the husband does, acts, says, refuses to do, demands to the outside world etc., carries these identifying codes. The codes of the outer world searches for these expected codes, places him and his actions into specific levels or slots and reacts to them, in accordance to what it has sensed and measured.

Every entity in a string has a unique ID code, and the strings have a powerful hold on them. It also brings in shared and common features and characters in them, and also powerfully holds them in the string.

Now think of a person who has married a woman in a feudal language, matriarchal family system. This man is not from a similar type of familial culture. The moment he marries her, the codes on her family side springs up into activation, to drag him into the familial strings, peculiar to her family system. However the man is not willing and comfortable with this social and familial scenario, which really has more curls and twists than has been discussed here.

Now, he strives to take his wife out of her familial string. It becomes a real power game. For her parents and her aunts and uncles are used to addressing her as Nee, and the other indicant words of that connected level. These words literally have made her a willing follower and to a limited extent disciple of theirs. Her presence adds up to their leadership values in the feudal language indicant codes. The positive aspects are really feel-able.

However, when her husband is moving her from their line of command, it is creating a void in spaces where they had set up one of their leadership props. They would feel it.

Usually nothing much happens, especially if the wife moves away from their location, and local society. However, if she happens to be living in a nearby place, it can create powerful competition for her.

Moreover, if the husband plans or tries to move her away from their links, and neighbourhood, they would try either directly or slyly to see that his moves are thwarted.

Now let us see the shifts in the virtual code area. When the wife is moved from her familial strings, she is being shifted to a new string of command. It can be a string connected to her husband’s family. In case, the husband is too independent, the string can literally emanate from her husband. Her position in this new string can depend on where her husband places her, or where she can place herself using various manoeuvring tactics, including that of indicant words, family status, connections, education, professional status etc.  

Inside the new strings, the triggers are different, timings different, frequencies different and many other things different. For in feudal language systems, each string has links that are tightly connected to each other, and everything rhymes together in more or less unison, if the links and string are strong. This phenomenon may be quite different from an English scenario in that the language does not tightly bind anyone to such powerful links; even if it is a military unit.

If there is perfect unison in the rhyme and frequency inside the string, a lot of things act in perfect harmony. The husband getting up in the morning, the wife getting his food ready; husband finding his toothbrush in the exact place, where he expects to find it; the wife moves something to another location, the husband instinctively knows where it is; he speaks something, and it is in accordance with what she is thinking about. Well, the list is long. There is a perfect unison in the actions, thoughts, desires and much else of both.

Now, at this moment, suddenly the phone rings. It is from the wife’s uncle, who is not on speaking terms with her husband. The uncle tells her something to do. It is feudal indicant words, which though spoken softly and politely, does carry the codes of prefect command. What he wants her to do is not something her husband may have any objection to, if taken independently.

However, it is an order that is from outside the string where her husband has placed her. Into her virtual codes an external code has entered, that attaches itself to her billions of codes of her thoughts and actions. So that the moment the codes arrived, she has been pulled out of her husband’s strings. In action, whatever she is doing inside her house in unison with her husband, starts crosschecking with the requirements of this new code.

What has happened is that she has been relocated by a powerful force component.

The request may just be a minor thing like going to a local school to enquire about their admission procedure. This very minor thing can get cross-linked with the arrangement of her time, the need to discuss to the school authorities about her uncle, whose social standing, cultural standards, professional levels, financial acumen and much else immediately gets connected to her own codes where it links with the persons in the school. Through her, these information and codes gets connected to her husband also.

Now, it may be remembered that in feudal languages all such information are powerful in that, they can immediately and powerfully change the indicant word group connected to a person.

Now, all these issues get activated inside the strings wherein the husband and wife are attached. It was just a phone call. In the billions of codes connected to them, a slight, minor code value component change has happened. It can bring in a minor discordance in the frequency, in which both of them rhymed. A slight difference. But then, it is mentally tangible. Minor errors of timing take place. She is not where he expects her to be. She keeps something, but he can’t find it. In every small thing, a minor non-alignment happens.

However in most households, all these types of minor errors and discordance do not matter much. However if the husband is a person who is working or doing business in an area where 100 % perfection is necessary, this can cause cataclysmic disasters. It is like this. There is a big road, through with a number of vehicles move between two villages. Someone removes a part of the paving. The vehicles have to slow down at this location. But nothing disastrous happens.

Now think of a railway track. A superfast train moving between destinations 3000 kms apart goes through this rail every day. Someone removes a few bolts from a vital point in the rail. The train comes roaring at speeds crossing 100 kmps. At the disturbed point the rail gets thrown away. The train goes off track.

In the same manner, the gravity of the small error depends on where it is effecting.

I think it is time to say that even the wife’s thoughts dwelling on events that are on the other string can pull her to that string, or at least get her connected to that string. In other words, words, suggestions, thoughts and such things do bring in changes in the virtual code world. Their repercussions are felt in the material world.

I should also insist here that the existence of the virtual code world is not dependant on the presence of feudal languages. However, by studying the difference in the affects caused by languages like English and by feudal languages, one is able to contemplate on such things. In fact, feudal languages do create more observable disturbances in the virtual 3-D area and connected codes, than can be done by languages like English. By studying these disturbances, we are able to study the effect of this world, on the material world.

Before going into the next theme, it might be appropriate to mention that regular group family prayers, family together eating and such things might bring in powerful synchronisation of virtual string vibrations. It can lend power and coherence to common endeavours and bring in sharp focus of aim in them. Even a singing together by the concerned individuals may bring in harmony and remove disharmony and discord. For, they may reach out to the codes of our life, and sort of arrange the strings in some levels of coordination.

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