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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Women features and language

I have read studies of animal social and familial systems done by biologists. What is the family strings in, say an Ape family? Or let us say among monkeys? Among wild dogs? What are the rules of leadership and hierarchy among dogs, lions, deer etc? Well, what I have understood is that all these studies are not absolute observations on the innate social characteristics of any animal group. Rather they are just observations made on the inner communication hierarchy among those animal individuals.

For example, some aliens are studying the family strings among the animals (including human beings) living on this earth. In the case of human beings, they make observation on Indians. Well, they make conclusions based on what they observe is the social features of some Indian village society. Is it really the absolute social feature of human beings? Not at all. It is only an observation of how a particular language code is designing a small section of the human race.

If they had observed the social functioning in England, they would get a totally different picture about how human beings function socially.

Now, let me declare that the ways and manners in which women behave and function socially, their parameters of familial and social freedom, the compulsions that move them are all encoded in their language.

Let us start from a small premises. That of freedom of women to work for other persons. In current day England and other English nations it is not a great thing. Women work for others who are not their family members or relatives. No one thinks much about it.

Some persons who had connections to the Indian parliament had drafted and then redrafted an Act called the Domestic Violence Act. Even though this Act purports to deal with the problem of violence inside Indian families, in a typical Indian pedantic manner, this Act was made to encase a lot of other social issues about which the nuts who drafted the Act had no idea about.

Now let us take the case of Malayalam communication. Wife is an Aval or Oal for the husband (he does not refer to her as Avar or Adheham, both higher indicant words for women). At the same time, the husband is a Chettan (elder brother), Adheham, Avar etc. for the wife.

Wife addresses the husband as Ningal, Chettan, Annan and such other higher indicant words for You. In south Kerala, even the word Ningal is not respectful enough. At the same time, the husband addresses his wife as Nee, which is also the word one uses for one’s servants, other subordinates in the Malayalam language.

These words are quite powerful and define a person’s level in social communication, right to argue etc., and also define the parameters of many other aspects of a person’s attributes.

Now when one man works for another man, he becomes a Nee, Avan and such other lower being to the boss, and to his other superiors. Persons used to this scenario may not feel much discomfited with this subordination. But a person of higher attributes if forced by cataclysmic circumstances into such subordination may feel it quite a traumatic experience.

Now, if the wife of this man chances to come once or regularly into such a social area, where her husband is a mere Nee and Avan to many other persons, the results can be disastrous. For, she then chances to see her husband as a non-entity, and a non-respected person. Any attempts by him to display superior attributes would be brushed aside as that of a clown. It is only natural that in no time the wife’s respect for her husband evaporates. In other words, in the 3-dimensional virtual space, her husband is perceived as having moved to an abominable section. 

Now think of a businessman of acknowledged standing in a particular section of the society. His wife moves in another section where her husband’s higher attributes are not recognised. She would be positioning herself in a relatively low-potential area of the 3-dimensional virtual space, not necessarily with lower indicant words directed towards her. She may be having a higher indicant value, but then the space area may be of the lower-potential level. What happens to her husband? He may be pulled to that area by means of powerful indicant words. In other words, the husband gets denuded of his positive energy. How can this be felt? Well, the very mention of his wife being in that area, can literally position him in that area. It is a non-tangible event physically, for he is not seen moving anywhere. But in the world of virtual codes, he has been relocated thus.

Now, there is a physically tangible event also. Suppose what has happened is that the wife of this businessman of superior attributes in a particular field has joined as a staff of another person, male or female. She then becomes an aval and in many cases a Nee in that official area. It is a sharp pull down for the businessman that another person is able to address his wife as a Nee, and as an Aval.

It is  more so, if the businessman perceives the other person as one of lower standards, lower attributes and of lower position in the virtual code area, when viewed from his own frame of reference or perspective.  Moreover the other man’s lowly staff members may also address her as an equal (Nee, Aval) or as a subordinate. In Malayalam, subordinates to privates persons are not much different from servants, in the ways and manners of words and command structure.

Now what happens to the businessman in this official area? His wife is an Aval. Naturally, an Aval’s husband is viewed as an Avan. It is literally bringing the businessman to the levels of subservience to the other person and his associates.

Now what has been mentioned is a depiction of the possibility in its most intense form. Events can happen at this intense level or it can be at levels which are a shade less intense. Still the reality of the powerful codes still remains true.

In India many men would not like to see their wives working for others. It is not just the issue of their wives being led sexually astray that worries them. The issue of sexual seduction is a universal one, and not one confined to India. In India the other worry of where they get placed as their wives place themselves in other people’s hand is a worry that could become more worrisome. For the labour class man, this issue may not be much there, for he is already placed at the bottom of many communication codes. However for a person who does not belong to this arena, it is a major issue.

Now let us see the issue of how language codes arrange human relationships, inside a married life. In English, the wife addresses her husband as You, and calls him by his name. The husband does the same towards his wife. However, in Indian language codes there is a different placing of the husband and wife, with regard to each other.

The husband calls his wife in Malayalam by her name, addresses her as Nee, and refers to her as Aval. If the wife were to use the same level of addressing and refer, then the husband needs to called by name, addressed as Nee, and referred to as Avan. However if she were to do this, what is created is not a link of equality, but downright insult and degradation of her husband. For, all these usages verge on the lowering of her husband’s levels.

Now when one views this situation through some software application by which one can see the virtual codes, one can see the Malayalam husband-wife links encoded with different trigonometric components, when compared with the same codes in an English husband-wife link. If there is some other software application by which one can sort of visualise the positions of the husband and the wife in the 3-D virtual space, one can see the wife standing in a much lower position when compared to the wife in the English virtual world.

The arrangement of all the other connected persons such as the uncles, aunts, in-laws, brothers, sisters and cousins in the English virtual world would all be in positions markedly different from that in the Malayalam virtual world. What would also be seen is the links connecting to each other encoded with different values of direction and force component. In the English world, all these persons would be more or less arranged in positions which are not much removed from a common standard plane. In the Malayalam world, they would all be far flung at seemingly random positions from this common plane, and also in a state of constant and powerful motion, as the power components in the various links go on changing constantly.

In this virtual world, each entity could have powerful forces of push and pull on other connected entities, due to the potential difference they acquire due to their varying heights and depths.

The family structure that Malayalam creates is quite different from that created by the English world. Though it might be easy to look at a woman living in this world and categorise her as being socially shackled due to some mental deficiency in her, the truth is that she is held in position by powerful strings that do not give much leeway to her. The same person, if she were to move into an English social environment would display quite remarkable personality changes. What has happened is that she is now in a code area where strings are to entities that are not far removed from a common plane. And hence cannot exert powerful forces of push and pull.  Moreover, there is no such pull and push powers in English words.

Yet, the moment she speaks to someone from her old social system in Malayalam, all the other links may get activated or start springing back on to her. She can get suddenly shifted to the other creepy area with a jolt. Some persons may be forced to live in such an ambivalent situation. They develop a double personality. One of English and the other of Malayalam. In many ways, they are having a satanic personality. For, deep within their soft English mentality, there exists another reality, that of shifty feudal language mental compulsions.

Now what about thoughts? This woman is living in an English atmosphere. Yet, suddenly her thoughts move back to her Malayalam social setting and experiences. What then?

I need to go back to my original contention that not only reality, but our human body also is a creation of software. It then naturally follows that even our thoughts are literally creations of software.  Thoughts also do create links, and they are imperceptibly connected to all the links and components that I have spoken of, that lie in the virtual 3-dimensional space.

It follows that even thoughts can shift this woman back to the 3-D virtual space area, which is Malayalam. It can show grave changes in her personality. It is a sort of split personality or multiple personality situation.

Now, I need to go into the other possibility. That of another person from the Malayalam world, speaking of her, referring to her or even thinking of her. Well, the fact is that even these also can create activation/switching on/shifts in the link he or she is having with her. She may feel it if she is otherwise not preoccupied. Yet, since many persons may think, speak or refer to her from widely separated places, the total of all their affects may be neutralised. Yet, at times, some may get more force due to various components in the code world. Sudden thoughts of someone may arise.

In fact, all these things do affect the things that one thinks, the way one takes decisions, the way one speaks, and even the words that poke out of our mouths. For billions of software codes are at work to produce each one of them. And into their midst all these, external codes do pour in, in a seemingly lightening speed.

A simple example might be this: One is trying to develop a telephone personality. That is, a person is trying to develop a forceful style of talk when speaking on the phone. It should be different from his usual style of talk. Well, he remembers another associate of his, whose tone and manner of telephone conversation is quite impressive.

Each time, he speaks on the phone, he remembers the other man, and mentally visualise himself as the other man. He would find that his style is slowly changing to the other person’s style. The total effect may not be the same, but then just thinking of the other person does bring in a change, which may be a component shift from his own original style. It is actually a case of superimposing another code on to his or her personality codes, as he or she commences the telephonic conversation.

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