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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The quality of the slimy snake

Feudal languages garner a strange, yet powerful negativity in lower persons. It has a terrible snake like quality. The phenomenon happens when lower placed aim to belittling superior placed persons using lower indicant words. Usually, the lower placed person has to extend respect or at least use non-disrespectful words toward higher placed persons in a feudal language setting. However, the lower placed persons usually get the understanding that if they do not extend respect or use disrespectful indicant words, the effect can be traumatic, cataclysmic and even downright degrading of the superior person.

Usually this happens when the superior placed person (superior in social rank, financial status, intellectual standards, politeness, soft nature, honest etc.) is not able to display a stance of power. This power is usually the presence of a few persons (at least one), who is willing to identify him as a superior. The lower placed person would usually be a lower intellectual guy, who would be smarting from his lower attributes.

Such persons when they usually get the upper hand would immediately try to make the best use of any opportunity to make even his negativity. When he or she is successfully able to do this, there is a filling of energy in his codes, which can be of a draconian type. 

This effect has been very much seen when lower caste persons were given superior government jobs, by means of reservation for lower castes. The issue was exuberated by the fact that in post-independence India, the importance of English was removed from public service. So that persons who got into the public services were quite low in English standards and it soft politeness. Persons who got into the public service by means of reservations were extremely low quality persons, being devoid of English knowledge.

However, during the British rule, a lot of lower caste persons did get into public services. Yet, they were mostly persons who were quite good in English, and many of them were at home in British classical literature.

It may be mentioned here in passing that the slimy snake-like attribute is not just connected to low grade Indian government officials, but also a social reality. Moreover it is intimately connected to some extremely negative software code in the virtual software. For, its entry can really create terrible mental trauma in the affected persons.

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