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The servant class and the masters

In feudal language nations, there is something called the servant class. Actually the concept is not connected to servants per se. The serving class in the society is usually connected to the lower indicant words. The master class is connected to the higher indicant words. It may be mentioned in passing that in current day India, things are a bit complicated. However, this is the basic feature of a feudal language speaking social system.

Now, it may be mentioned as per the modern educational system in India, the children are trained to be the servant class. All the lower indicant words connected to the servant class are connected to them in the schooling system. The teaching class are connected to all the master class higher indicant words.

A special kind of obsequious, sly kind of discipline is encoded into the children in this system. They are mentally programmed to show respect, honour and devotion to persons who they understand as their master class, who can punish or harm them. To those who they perceive as kind, affable, honourable, well-mannered, polite and such, they are not inclined to extend respect, honour and honesty.

The existence of this servant class mentality can be detected only by comparing them with someone who has not been brought up in this mental state or under such subordination.

As to the physical and mental features of this type of servant class trained individuals, it may be said that the level of negativity that they are made to bear depends on the mental stature of their individual teachers. In the case of low stature, non-English knowing teaching class, the negativity will be more. While in the case of high stature, English knowing teaching class, the negativity will be less.

For the higher stature of the teachers can only inflict them with less negativity. While, lower stature teachers can really pull them to the depths of negativity. Beyond that, an English-knowing teacher’s negativity will be less, for the negativity is connected to his communication in feudal vernacular.

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