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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Universal link in the virtual codes

If the virtual codes are a reality, then it naturally follows that all things in this universe can be connected; even if they are not actually physically connected. Then it may follow that the future, the present and the past are indeed connected in the virtual codes. Moreover the factor of time as a trigger for any code or event to precede, succeed or even intervene in some other event can be debated upon.

For debating on this, I should start from a small premise. I am waiting for my children to bring a cloth to clean my daughter’s cycle. We are taking it to the cycle shop. I want a comb to comb my wet hair. Many auto-rickshaws are passing by. I need to find one to take the cycle to the repair shop. Suddenly I find that there is no comb in my pocket. I cry out to my daughter to drop a comb from upstairs, our house. At that very moment a thought pops in my mind that there is a comb in my motorbike. I take it without waiting for my daughter to drop one from our house. 

I immediately comb my hair and move to the gate. At that very moment one auto-rickshaw comes. I stop it, and enquire about taking the cycle to the shop. The vehicle comes inside and takes the cycle and it soon moves towards the same direction it had been coming from. The auto’s direction has been changed. Beyond that the driver’s life incidences are changed. For, he is now going to a different direction, seeing different people, and indeed going to face different eventualities, from what would have been his experience had I not stopped him.

Well, in the virtual code arena what all triggers had set this change in him? The very decision that we took to take the cycle to the repair shop; my waiting for the cloth, my sudden need for a comb and its verbalisation; the thought that popped in my mind that the comb is in my bike and such minor things. Yet, even though seemingly minor, each word that we spoke and even the code version of the remembrance in me of the comb in the bike, all has played remarkable role in affecting the flow of life events in the auto-driver.

Seen from this perspective, inside the virtual code arena, all things are connected. Even faraway events, its verbalisation, thoughts, visions, images, mentioning and all such things are actually powerful codes that do link events, objects and living beings to so many things which we do not actually feel are physically connected.

What about future and past? Well, they are also related in the virtual code. If there is some software application through which one can see through the codes along with the parameter of time, one would be able to see the way these things are related.

For example, there are three friends. At a particular moment in time, one of them says something that creates split in their friendship. Well, if one can visualise through some software the codes along with the time factor, one would be able to see the entry of the sentence that creates the split. When the sentence comes in, the three friends part into two groups.

Another example for contemplating on these lines is thus: In a household in India, the father proposes buying chicken. It is okayed by everyone. Now the very mention by the father of buying a chicken has more or less connected the scene with a live chicken in the nearby chicken shop. However at this point in time, one does not know which chicken is specifically going to be killed for this household. Various words and actions work together to ultimately choose the specific chicken that is killed for them.

So over time, a particular chicken is connected to the sentence that proposes buying chicken. If one were able to move through the visualisation in the software, one would be able to see the various sentences and actions that connect that specific chicken to the original sentence. Future is thus seen encoded in the software, immutable and precise.   

In these actions, it may be very precisely seen that the factor of time is quite important. For, the entry point of each sentence is quite significant in the way the event does co-relate with other sentences, codes and events. A slight change of the entry time of any sentence, word, code etc. can powerfully change everything.

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