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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Items that bring in energy

There are codes for energy. May be there are no specific codes of lack of energy, other than the mere absence of the codes of energy.

Now, what are the things that can bring in vitality? I speak from my observations.

One is the presence of followers and disciples. Another is the higher indicant words. Good dress, good address, socially acknowledged higher class friends (especially in feudal language settings), arrival in a higher class vehicles and such. Apart from all this, such non-verbal inputs such as the smile of a beautiful woman, seeing beautiful things and scenery; beautiful women, energising songs, lovely music and such. Also, mention of higher level connection.

Apart from all this, invitations from certain social areas. This can also include an invitation for sex by woman, a chance to commit adultery on another person’s wife and such. Such thing however create some sort of flare-up codes. However, a successful performance of sex, can really create powerful codes of energy. A failure in this regard can bring in a leak of vitality.

Well, it may be understood that negative things can also lend energising vitality. There might be other long term repercussions on receiving negative inputs, but then at the moment, it does create energy codes in the software.

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