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Codes of reality!

What is language!

What lies behind ordinary words

There are ordinary words. What is the code that is connected to them in the virtual space? Well, words are the creation of software codes in the virtual arena. To that extend, any specific word may have that a specific code encrypted in it. However, as that specific word gets used by persons, that word comes to carry other codes attached to it, and a direction component also comes into play.

It is like this: A man is on an enterprise. If he succeeds, he gets out of the compromising situation in a particular setting, that encases him. However, if he fails in his endeavour, he is stuck in the terrible situation from which he wants to escape. In many ways, this is what a business success and failure means.

Now, when the endeavour is being commenced, everyone, including his subordinates, disciples, wife and children are working along with him. Their all words and actions are focused on the enterprise succeeding. However, suddenly one of them, may be his main subordinate, disciple or wife, says a word that is connected to something that is for the setting up of a thing in the area from where they are trying to escape. It may be a simple word, like a door, a TV, a washing machine, a pathway or some such thing.

It suggestive of the possibility that the enterprise would fail, and when they are back to square one, they would be in need of this thing.

Well, that word mentioned at the very critical moment of starting of the enterprise, is a very negative and backward directed word. It is focused on failure of the enterprise. Now, what happens is a deeply upsetting thing.

Everyone is poised for the winning, and one main person among them is proposing a negative direction in the enterprise. It can create a jerk-like feel in the concerned persons’ mind.  In terms of loyalty, optimism, actions towards goal-reaching, discipline, support and such things, it is a totally negative word. In the virtual codes, it can stand out as a negative sticking-out word, with a powerful reverse direction component.

However, this single word in itself need not spell disaster for the enterprise. However, it shall have its negative effect, at least temporarily. The success of the endeavour may not depend on such solitary issues, but then if the person who has done this misdemeanour is in a significant location in the virtual arena, he or she can stand as a powerful negative entity.

Now what can make a confidante go out of sync? Well, the easiest and possibly the most powerful thing that can do this might be simple words or messages that reach him or her, from sources which are not part of the string in which he/she are connected to his or her leader/husband/wife/partner etc. If such sources are not in sync or are having antipathy towards his or her string, then each minor word or information shall contain loaded codes that are timed to disrupt meticulously planned operations.

Personal links are powerful, and they remain as routes in the virtual world of codes, through which powerful strings are attached, flung at or connected to persons, events, institutions, command structures etc.

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