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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Decoding emotional expressions

Every human emotional expression can be encoded into verbal codes. For example, the warmth conveyed by a smile can be directly decoded into lines like: I like you, I love you, I am happy with you, My regards to you, I support you, I am shifting my loyalty to you, My loyalty remains intact, My support for your endeavours and so many other similar things, including that of a simple Hi.  The receiver of these codes does get the appropriate mental elevation, exuberance, liveliness, high spirits etc. At many times, it is these minor bits of energising codes that makes the difference between success and defeat for a person, who is balancing between the tilting swings of success and defeat.

However, it should be understood that when one person or side is thus conveyed such energy, it may result in a depletion of energy in another side. For example, when a wife sends such energising codes to a person who is a competitor of her husband, then actually she is empowering a side which stands in opposition to that of her husband.  This empowering can be at the expense of her husband’s vital energies.

Actually there need not be any conscious emotional conveying of energy. If a wife or a confident, or a known follower of one person is seen directly or in a photo in a position of proximity, it can create powerful shift in the virtual world. Actually, there is only the reality of a lot of persons seeing this scene that has made the powerful shifts of position and location; and change of values in codes.

Yet, in actuality there may not really be any such shifting of loyalty. Still the image is powerful and can create powerful changes. Here what is seen is the power of eyes. It can create codes, which are powerful and can add and minus numerical values in codes.

It may be understood that every change in the energy in the virtual code world makes powerful shifts of location and potential in a person’s code and position in the virtual code world.

Yet, it must again be stressed that the power of these codes are quite high in feudal language world, as compared to that in the English world. In the feudal language world, the shifts are huge, powerful and of explosive power. It is quite different from that in the English world. Yet, it is there, in a minor manner.

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