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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Encoding non-verbal signals

Now, at this point I need to enlarge this idea to encompass non-verbal signals. Imagine persons who are in a powerful string of hierarchy in a feudal language social system.  One among them is a non-willing participant. However, due to the force of circumstance, or by deliberate treachery, he is occupying a position in the string. He does not say or utter any word, usage or sentence that is out of step with the direction of the string.

However he does use non-verbal signals like glaring at his superior, wrinkling his forehead and eyebrows, casting offensive gestures, sitting with a impertinent pose, not doing what is expected of him, doing what he should not do, looking at his superior as if he is looking at a subordinate and such things.

Well, in feudal languages, all of the above mentioned things are clearly connected to lower indicant words. However, in English, even though, it is possible do all the things mentioned, there is no connection to any lower indicant word or code groups. However, the negative gestures, poses, and intentions are really connected to some negative codes that purposefully spoil some well aligned system and string of command. Here it may be mentioned in passing that many minor gesture of impertinence used in feudal languages would go unnoticed in English.

Now, what am I trying to tell here? Well, it is that even non-verbal things can be encoded into codes in the virtual software. It is here, the real basis of such things that are commonly called evil eye and such things can be deciphered. 

When a person from a perceived lower position views another person, say a youngster from a higher indicant level, with an expression of viewing a minor person, it is really equivalent to addressing the youngster with a Nee, and referring to him or her with a Avan or Aval ( all of very low indicant level). All the negative connotations associated with these lower level wordings can be forced on the youngster by a mere looking by the lower person. For, the lower person certainly gets a lot of negative powers, when the settings are that of a feudal language.

This lower person’s very touch can be different from that of a higher person’s. To a limited extent, it depends on how the person views the higher person. However, if it displays any level of superiority or acquaintanceship of an equal level, it can send in negative codes into the personal attributes of the superior person.

Actually the very existence of untouchables is connected to feudal languages. In a language setting like that of English, untouchables cannot be created. However, untouchables can be created by other languages and or associated codes. These can be slightly felt by others in an English settings also.

To some extent, the phenomena known as racial antipathy can be explained through this understanding. However, the concept of racial antipathy and repulsion, especially by English native speakers towards persons from feudal language setting, cannot be fully explained by this brief interpretation. But then, the repulsion is more or less fully due to the fearsome unsettling, feudal language settings can impose of perfect English social settings.

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