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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The changed codes and its effects

When the child was born, it had quite elevated looks and refined physical features. I must say that the child did look a bit different from any child I had seen in this area in facial expression. Looking back, I should say that the effect was mainly due to the changes that came upon the virtual codes.

Now on seeing the child I was confronted with the issue of what software to fill it with. There was the dreaded knowledge in me that if the child was made to bear the brunt of lower level Malayalam words of address, and reference, delivered by both lower as well as higher level people, there would be sharp changes in the refined expressions, facial designs, and bone development. Malayalam would give a diabolic looks of rough superiority to those placed in superior levels, and a meek, sly attribute to those placed in the inferior levels. I disliked both.  

I was keen to see that this did not happen. However, I took that position very powerfully after contemplating the various connected issues. Moreover, it was to serve as an experiment for me on my language and virtual code insights.

Since I have severe paucity of time to finish this work, I will just do a cursory detailing of some observations that were made with regard to my child who was brought up in English, in an absolutely non-English social environment. Actually there is much to be written in connection to so many persons and incidences. However, I can do that only later.

My daughter was named Varuna.

Varuna looked totally different from everyone in my wife’s family, and also a great deal different from those from my side of the family. I did not have a camera then, yet, there are quite a number of photos taken by others to prove this. At the moment I do have only a few photos in my computer, from which I am cutting out a few for posting here.

See these photos. Surely there are many other persons from this geographical area with this demeanour, yet, the difference in facial expression and physical stance is from the members of my own family and those from the immediate local areas:



I took her for learning swimming at 8 months age.

At a very early age, I started teaching her mathematics. Moreover, by the time she was around 3, she must have travelled more that 40 thousand kilometres on my motorbike, over a wide range of places. And a few hundreds in my jeep.

This much I mentioned just to give an idea about her lifestyle. However, much more can be dealt on this later.

Due to certain happenings in my family life, a number of my businesses failed. I do not want to go into the details now about the causes.

There was a time when I became financially quite broken down. These are some of the videos that were taken during this period. What is being pointed out here is that the Indian looks of poverty are connected to the feudal languages. When English is the language in which a person is cordoned in, the effect of the feudal language codes do not come in.

I couldn’t move away from my family because the moment I moved, my children would be placed under the claims of many uncouth social and familial links. A sort of competition to see that my systems were broken in had risen up by now, among certain of the family members on both sides.

Varuna’s English was quite good. She had seen more than 400 English films on TV channels by the time she was four. At around four, she learned computer typing. At age two or so, she had started playing card games, such as Trumps and Rummy. She was reasonably good in swimming. Could run more than one and a half kilometres and had good stamina. She was home educated by me. For, the local schools were simply of low standards in everything.

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