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Indiscipline in the Indian bureaucracy

Total indiscipline is rife in the Indian bureaucracy. However, it may not be quite visible to an ordinary observer. For one may easily see the obsequious respect and the common usage of the word Sar, to the seniors, extended by the juniors. However, the issue here is that inside the bureaucracy there is a hierarchy, which encases everyone. Yet, there are a lot of other hierarchies in the local social system which also extends on to the individuals.

He keeps a number of closely connected persons from outside the bureaucracy in positions of deep respect; elder brothers, elder sisters, uncles, aunts, father, mother, teachers, social seniors and such. Moreover, he has a lot of commitment towards persons, who extends him respect. All these strings are quite powerfully attached to him. However, to the common member of the public, he has no such respect or commitment. They remain a part of the nuisance in his life. For, as per his understanding, they come under him in social position. Yet he has to do work for them. There is no need to respect them. Actually, the way his organisation works, makes him understand that they have to extend him respect.

Now, whatever order is given to him by his seniors in his organisation is not really with a powerful string. Actually the power of this order or instruction depends to a great extend on to the words by which he is addressed by his seniors. For example, in Malayalam, the senior can address him with a Ningal or with a Nee. In the latter case, it is more powerful. Yet, these words can really create different reactions in different persons. In certain persons (due to a variety of other issues), the first word Ningal, can either create a feeling of quietude or a feeling of inadequate power in the instruction.

In the case of the latter words, Nee, it can create either a feeling of being powerfully commanded, or feeling of being overburdened by a stifling atmosphere. Both these contradictory emotions depend on the inner superiority-inferiority codes in the virtual software of the individual.

If he is a person with some level of superior mental or social attributes, he would be affable with the Ningal and mutinous with the Nee. If he is a person with a serf-like mentality, then he would feel the inadequacy of command with a Ningal, and a very powerful command with a Nee.

The above mentioned issue has a lot of associated affects on the functioning of the Kerala bureaucracy.

It may be mentioned that the different feudal languages of India has different codes, which may be unique to that specific language. The reality of the current situation is that the persons who write the text of the Indian laws and statutory rules are most ignorant of all these things. For these things do not appear in their nonsensical-content sociology and psychology textbooks.

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