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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Virtual codes of Money

Modern human beings have long been fascinated by the concept of money. They do have a more or less precise understanding of what it is, and what it can do or achieve. However, this understanding is something that has evolved over time.

In the beginning in the European nations, it started out as the receipt given by the bankers for the gold kept deposited with them. This receipt served a purpose which more or less came near to what modern currency notes could do. The connection of money with the paper currency notes is very much entrenched in the minds of modern man.

Yet, this understanding is also slowly getting erased. For, modern money can easily be associated with mere numerical figures in the bank, and the account holder may very rarely get to see his money in paper note form. For all transactions can be done online, by ATM and by other electronic and digital mediums.

Well then, what is money?

Seeing from the codes in the virtual software, money may simply be particular kind of codification of certain powers. For example, a superior person enters a room in a feudal language nation. Everyone present inside the room get up to acknowledge him and thus respect him. Well, some power has made everyone get up. This power can be seen in the virtual codes also.

Similarly, there are so many other kinds of power that do so many things. Basically these powers can be created in the material world by various means, such as work, sales, profit, swindle, business, bribery and such. Each of these things does have their own codified form in the virtual software.

These powers can be conveyed to others, transferred from one place to another, given to another, used for buying things, used for seducing others, garnering respect and such other things. When money is thus used, in the virtual software certain codes are generated to facilitate these actions. These codes are the real code versions of money.

Since money is a very intimate item of modern living, if one is able to see through life events, past, present and future, through the virtual software of reality, one would be able to see the pathways of these codes that personify money. In so much that, the way these codes affect the life and life events of individuals, families, societies and nations can be seen in the virtual software.

However, the way these codes are created and the pathways they make in different social systems depend very much upon the character of the language of that society. This design feature would be very much characteristic of each specific language system. For example, the way money garners, accumulate and distributes in an English nation would be quite different from a feudal language nation.

Moreover the power it lends to individuals and to institutions over other individuals and institutions would be connected to this. In feudal language nations, the power it lends to persons over others could be of a draconian level.

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