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Money and hierarchical strings

I have mentioned the existence of hierarchical strings in the virtual codes connected to human beings, as they live in a social system. Now, it may be mentioned that the routes of money codes also do have much power to dismantle, recreate and to rearrange these hierarchical strings.

It is like this: the wife of a man in an English social system suddenly gets a job and starts working for another man. Well, she has to listen to that man’s instructions at least to the extent connected to her work. She is given money by him and it is this code that makes her work for him. There is a hierarchical string on to which she is now attached.  However, the words connected to Her, She and Hers, and those connected to her boss does not change. To that extend, one may say that the newly created hierarchical strings has not been that much powerful, so as to compete with her familial strings, wherein she is attached to her husband and children.

However, the issues in a feudal language social system are quite different. For example, a wife joins another man as his employee. He pays her wages. In most cases she becomes an Aval (oal) of his. He addresses her as Nee. She has to address his as a Chetten, Annan, Sar and such other higher indicant words.

The power in a hierarchical string wherein the words change their form so drastically is of the nth degree and not at all understandable in English. Moreover, she is not just attached to him alone, but also to a lot of others in the organisation where her boss stands at the top. She is deeply entrenched into very powerful strings of persons where she would find herself with a lot of persons on top and many others under her.

All these links are not like in English, but as per the powerful indicant word codes of Malayalam. Each of these words has at least two or more form. The specific word that is placed at each link designates her position, power and commitment. She has to concede to the various demands of this position and verbal addressing. Otherwise, she is a misfit for that work, even if she is a diligent worker, and also a rebel.

Moreover, the moment the wife has joined this man as his employee, the codes of many other persons connected to this woman also changes. For example, this woman’s husband becomes that man’s employee’s husband. Her children become that man’s employee’s children. Well, in Malayalam, the words changes in the indicant level, and every one of the connected persons can go down in social worth. For, in feudal languages, work is not simply doing an enjoyable occupation; on the contrary it is a sort of enslaving oneself and one’s closely connected persons to lower social locations in the virtual codes. It has its negative effects in the material world also.

In the virtual software connected to modern human social systems, the lines and routes of the money codes are quite significant. They do very much contain the codes of commitment, treachery, loyalty, betrayal, attachment, twists of life’s path and much more. For, if one can see the codes of money attaching to a person’s software at any particular location, it means that some force has entered him, which can have positive or negative implications. There can be alterations in the direction of life.

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