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Codes of reality!

What is language!

A seeming weakness

One of my major weaknesses was my inability or reluctance to use lower indicant words to others, including youngsters, professional juniors, lower level workers, menial servants and also to my own staff members. The first impression anyone with a casual idea about me would be that I was quite a sissy and perfectly incapable of any kind of management. This reluctance of mine was quite deeply connected to the fact that I disliked degrading anyone using pejorative words and information.

There was another quirkiness in me. I used to use higher indicant words to and about persons who were socially seen as lower. In a way these were experiments of mine to see what would happen when socially acceptable indicant words were exchanged with unexpected indicant words. The way persons reacted and behaved in this strange setting was to give me real inputs towards my observations.

Whatever happened in my life, I strode to use as a specimen for investigation on the power of words, the codes in the language, the links to the inner virtual world, mental and physical connections between persons, between events, and also between persons and events as linked through the virtual world.

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