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Codes of reality!

What is language!

When differing software social systems impact in the virtual software arena

Well, this is an issue of global ramifications. The question in the material world would be: What would be the effect if a social system like that of non-feudal English were to come to get stuck with a social system that is based on feudal languages; without any protective shields for the former systems. Well, for answering this, one needs to go into the virtual arena and visualise the events. Persons, institutions and even events are arranged around a planar area, more or less near to the plane in English. However, in the feudal language virtual arena, all these things are flung far apart, and also in varying heights in a canyon-to-sky like vertical height.

When the two systems collide, the individuals in the English systems can get to feel the tumble and powerful dislocation of themselves and their institutions. Many of them would topple down and tumble down into the depths. 

Financial institutions would crumble down as their props, which are their customers fall down. Many conventions would stand rotted.

However for the persons from the feudal language systems, it would be a most satisfying experience. For they would find themselves slowly move towards a common focus as they are pulled towards a planar area. A new found power may enter in them.

However on the whole, an amalgamation without understanding the issues involved can really bring in disaster in the long run. For the English systems, if left unprotected, may tumble down, and in the long run, the feudal virtual software would take over the whole place.

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