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Entry of feudal codes into English social systems

There are many things that can happen to this nation, which can be quite dangerous. However at this moment, let me dwell upon one single item.

Nations where a non-feudal language is spoken, may or can have formal feudal social systems, monarchies, and many other institutional items that are all really the hangovers of antiquity. These are essentially not the creations of their non-feudal language.

For example, in Britain there is a feudal social set up, with the monarchy coming at the top. However, this feudal set up is not a creation of the English language. It is actually a continuation of the feudal social set up that was there in Europe. However, the English feudal experience was markedly different from the feudal experiences of European nations. For, English language could more or less act as a softener of the feudal codes. And so, it was quite tolerable, as against the feudalism in certain other European nations, where the people did feel its stings.

Due to the softening stance of English, the monarchy, the nobility and the commoners could exist in a mood of being quite close to each other.

Now it is into this soft arena that people from such powerfully feudal language systems like Asian and African nations are entering. What their language systems and codes can do is to separate the social system into higher ups of divine qualities and the lower persons of stinking personalities. So that as time moves on, the commoners would sense a feel of repulsiveness towards them from the higher ups, including the financially strong classes. A quite new mood of virtual distances would creep into the national conscience and create an entirely new feel in everyone. It is a strange negativity that would be felt spreading everywhere.

A new feel of antipathy of higher ups would spread among the lower groups. It would be an experience that would be quite un-English in everything about it.

The same kind of feel can enter into many other nations, if such similar people are allowed the free run inside. For example, a quite vulnerable social system would be that of Arabic. Arabic seems to me to be a language with remarkable similarity to English in terms of not having feudal content in many sections of its codes.  {I am not sure about this. Moreover, I have a feeling that certain Arabic dialects like that of Egypt could have some negative elements inside them.}

In such societies, if similar feudal language groups are allowed the free run, the society would wince with a terrifying force of being pulled apart vertically. A feeling among the common person that they are seen as repulsive by the higher sections of the society would set in. It can lead to powerful turbulences inside the nation.

Another affect of the intrusion of such feudal language software inside the nation would be the separation of many jobs into quality, medium quality, medium repulsive and very repulsive quality. This separation would be according to the codes that the feudal languages assign to the various jobs and professions. It can really kill the soft balances that had been quietly created by English language, over centuries of social experiences.   

Another very visible feature of the entry of feudal languages would be the gradual, yet powerful rise of the powers of the officialdom, as reflected in their pay, perks, pension and other frills; as well as a growing aura of un-approachability slowly coming to settle upon them. For the feudal languages would push in a wedge into the social communication system, by which the officialdom would move farther away from the common folk, and come to cloak themselves with a Brahminical aura.

There is an immensity of changes to the English social mood that feudal codes can bring about. I had dealt about them many years ago in my earlier book on feudal languages: March of the evil empires; English versus the feudal languages. However, when I first wrote that book many years ago, my own understandings about this phenomenon was quite superficial; even though I did do some cursory debate on the theme of inner codes.

Before concluding this discussion on the effects of feudal languages on English social systems, I may mention the issue of dressing standards. Most of the English dresses are what may be said to be devoid of ‘respect’ as understood in feudal languages.

For, they do not come up for the scrutiny and evaluation from the concept of ‘respect’ and ‘disrespect’ as one comes to understand the terms in feudal languages. However, once the feudal languages make an entry into the easygoing English social apparatus, the issue of attire being capable of garnering ‘respect’ or not would crop up, incessantly. It can lead to a dampening of the warmth in the English social scene.

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