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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Time as a component in the virtual software

Here it might be appropriate to input the idea that time is also a forceful component in the world of codes, and can even be the fourth dimension. So that, the virtual space is actually a 4 dimensional one. For, the time at which a word is spoken also does affect the manner in which it brings in its affect. A word spoken at a particular moment would give a specific affect different from the same word spoken a few moments later. For, the first one may change the way an event works, while the second one would come after the event takes place and would not be able to affect the event.

Yet moving from the premises of the imaginary virtual arena to that of the virtual software, it may be mentioned that time is essentially a particular form of software code. May be this code can set time triggers, timings and also the phenomena of the passage of time. 

There is more to be mentioned about the Time factor, and how it relates to future events, and connects past, present and future.

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