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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Claims about language 

Now before going ahead, let me put it down as to what are the claims about language that I am making.

1.          Languages are software that are commonly used for human communication.

2.          It has other uses also.

3.          There is a character called feudal structure in certain languages.

4.          Some languages like English are devoid of this, at the level of common man communication.

5.          The software called language does contain specific codes that are linked to social design.

6.          Languages do contain codes that contain specific codes connected to human looks.

7.          Languages do contain codes that lay out the parameters of social freedom.

8.          The way that human beings develop their societies, interact with each other, get emotionally connected and even fight with each other are all essentially encoded in the codes in their language.

9.          Languages do contain certain switches. If one is pressed, a certain specific effect happens.

10.       Reality is the creation of a software.

11.      Words are intimately connected to this software that has created reality.

12.      It is good to imagine a virtual arena, as one would imagine the equator and other similar lines for the purpose of studying the effect of various words, as they affect other words and material entities, from various positions of strength and weaknesses.

13.      The virtual arena created by different languages has different levels of viscosity, wherein persons’ bodily movements and agility get different levels of freedoms and fettering.

14.       The imaginary space enclosed inside the virtual arena does have different kinds of curvatures, wherein a person’s body would go in for a natural bending and curving, as the best posture to fit in the design of the space.

15.      Languages like English create the least curving in the virtual space.

16.      It is possible to connect events and their causes to words.

17.      Persons are connected to each other through the virtual world created by words.

18.      It is possible that such things as mantra, black magic, tantra, witchcraft, telepathy and such things are real and do have intimate links with the software world.

19.      Time can be a sort of fourth dimension that can be encoded into the virtual software to change the ways of working, effect, time of effect and such things in the material world.

20.      Human physical features are connected to the software inside the language codes. These codes can really override the designs given in the human genes and chromosomes.

21.      The virtual software does play a great role in the various happening in a human life.

22.      This software does create strings of hierarchies, especially when people live in a feudal language social system.

23.      There are vibrations in these strings. If the connected persons vibrate in perfect harmony, what can be achieved can be of the best possible. If anyone in the string is out of step, it can create problems for others in the string. Closely connected persons like husband and wife, if they vibrate in opposing frequencies, can nullify each other’s potential, aspirations, plans, and efforts.

24.      These vibrations are not actual vibrations, but more or less, the power and flow of focused work in unison and perfect coordination.

25.      Family life, marriage etc. are encoded into the life software in different designs, depending on the quality or kind of the language.

26.      Human body is a creation of software. Hence human body diseases can also be due to an error in this software. Hence it can be treated by a rectification or patch up software that can detect the error or patch and rectify the same.

27.      Physical diseases can also be due to discordant external software codes that affix to the human body codes.

28.      The so-called germs that cause human diseases are also created by this virtual software. They can also be neutralised by a rectification software.

29.      Human mind runs on the working of a brain-software. Many mental problems are created due to an error in this software. Also, external software inputs can also bring in problems to the human mental condition.

30.      Since human physical and mental diseases are created by the errors in the virtual life software, it is quite certain that there is a system of cure that works through the correction process of life software.  

[Insertion dated 16th March 2018: A huge number of very powerful features of feudal languages have been mentioned in my vernacular book: An impressionistic history of the South Asian Subcontinent.]

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