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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The repulsive force

For example, when a person who does not conform to the standard form of obsequious behaviour, comes into a government office in India, there would be a repulsive force rising in the social scene inside. The officials inside would like to see the newcomers repulsed from their comfy situation.   For, each word, stance and posture of this outsider would more or less push them from their well-entrenched positions.

As to the repulsive force that rises inside the room, it is real, but currently there is no machine that can detect or gauge it. It is just a force that rises in the software arena, and its effect is very much felt by everyone inside the room.

Now, it may be mentioned that this repulsive force is not confined to Indian government offices, but to almost all areas of a feudal language social system.

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