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Private zone and language

It may be mentioned that usually when a man is assigned a higher indicant value word group, his private zone is powerful and has a wider parameter. Private zone is the extent of space around a person, which cannot be intruded by another person. It can be understood thus: two persons are sitting at a table in a restaurant and eating food. One person keeps his glass (of drinking water) near to the other person’s plate. Immediately that person gets distressed and he pushes the glass towards the other person.

What has happened here is that the other man has intruded into an invisible private zone of the other man. This private zone is there in many things, including what you ask of another person, what words you use. It is a sort of limiting thing. However, in feudal languages, persons who are in the lower indicant word level have lower extent of this private zone. In other words, the extent of what he or she can be asked is greater.

So that more intrusive, prodding, distressing questions can be asked of them. The issue of manners and politeness in this regard goes down. He or she can be openly monitored, and commented upon. No issues of it being ill-mannered or intrusion into private affairs do crop up. For, the areas of privacy have been heavily encroached upon. However, in English this level of lowering of private zone is not possible, as such a concept of lower indicant words are not there.

When a person’s indicant word is of the lower level, even physical touching and even beating up, are considered legitimate.

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