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Defining madness

I am sure that I have digressed from my main point here, that is of the connection between the virtual code world and mental problems. Well, let me try to get back.

I have been told that the way to define a man as mad or crazy is when he or she is totally out of step with the others. That is, the way he behaves, talks and such other things are different from that of the others. May be there are other definitions of being mad. However for the present purpose let us pursue this definition.

There are frequencies and wavelengths associated with community living. For example, a person living in a particular nation is forced to attune himself with the national standard time. That is, at 9 O’ clock everyone heads for work, at 5 they all come back home. Children head for school at preset time in accordance to this.

This particular national setting can string itself to all the activities of an individual, such as wake up time, bathing, breakfast time, time spent with spouse, with children, TV watching time, the timing of the buses, the trains and every other similar things.

Now suppose the national standard timing is altered by 30 minutes. All this stands altered accordingly. Any man who joins this nation as a citizen naturally gets attuned to this timing. If he stubbornly takes a stand and does not allow this altered timing to affect his activities, then there is something wrong with him as far as the national frequency is concerned. Yet, it is simply a matter of perspective and that of the frame of reference i.e. the national standard time.

Seen from a detached perspective, there is nothing wrong with him.

Now the same is the case with all human associations, be it profession, marital life, family attachments, social mixing, intellectual leanings and much else. A person who refuses to fit in can be deemed mad or crazy if he is vulnerable and weak, and a troublemaker if he is too strong and powerful to be similarly defined.

In feudal language family life, there are codes in the virtual software that defines the strings, attachments, hierarchies and such. A person who refuses to synchronise with the rhyme of these connections shall be a disturbance and in more acute cases, a crazy guy, who might even be forcefully taken to the mental hospital. What disturbs the others is that fact that in the powerful web of family members, at his location the web is strung violently out of tune. In many cases, such persons can be seen to be prone to violence.

Here again modern psychiatry may have gone irresponsible. For, propensity towards violence need to be studied through the provocations that leads to violence. Here again, there may be the powerful provocation that can be achieved through words, information, sly remarks etc. all of whom can powerfully shift a person’s natural levels in the virtual arena to awful locations. I do not know how much modern psychiatry is conscious about this fact.

The very touching of a person of refinement, sophistication, culture, learning, social elevation etc. by a hospital peon in a feudal language nation can pull him or her into the shitty areas of the virtual spatial code area. If the peon were to use the lower indicant word to and about him, it would be equivalent to pasting him with shit. He would react violently. This is a very human natural reaction, when one feels the prospect of falling into obnoxious matter. However no feudal-language-nation hospital peon would admit that he belong to the obnoxious levels, even though that is where he is placed by his superiors, by means of lower level indicant words, and also by association with similar level persons of low intellectual standards. 

Here I need to interject and stress the point that in feudal language nations, people who populate low levels in a professional hierarchy not only are kept at the abhorrent levels by means of lower indicant words, but also are persons who have very mean levels of intellectual standards; with most of them almost totally ignorant in English.

The same would not be the case in an English speaking nation. In feudal language nations, people do react quite violently. In the case of the mentally distressed, the violence can be more, they being the butt of violently provocative actions and words.

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