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Splitting the non-feudal language nation

If such persons are allowed to display their innate capacities, many native-English speakers would feel the creepiness of being pushed down, a feeling which is exactly foreign to English and also a very weird experience.

At the same time, if the lower persons in the feudal languages are allowed free run in the English systems, they can very well powerfully split the soft English social system into various creepy layers. Moreover, since they carry acute negative energy, a lot of native-English speakers could feel a sort of being despoiled by their presence, words, looks, smiles, smirks and such, all of which do have powerful content in the virtual world of software.

Moreover, it is a quite observable phenomenon that persons kept in the lower levels of the feudal language social systems remain mute and humble when the system or persons suppressing them are powerful. However, the moment the system becomes soft or their superiors become soft, they immediately gather strength to rise up above their superiors. For them, it is only a matter of changing the words they use about their superiors. The whole arrangement tumbles down. It is like a creeper plant seeking the easier route to the sun. Since English systems are infinitely soft, the moment these persons get a chance to anchor in an English system, they would find the route up quite easy.

It is a natural phenomena and quite understandable, and possibly sympathise-able. However, there should be solid understanding in the minds of both the English social system as well as the newcomers as to what is the essential difference between English social systems and feudal language systems. Moreover the entrants should be ready to see that their own negativity does not afflict the soft English social systems.  

Moreover both these levels of persons from the feudal language world are incessantly connected to their own feudal language world. In every word, sentence, description and exposition, they would be joining with their feudal language world counterparts to bring in atrophy to the soft social arrangement that English has created. It is actually a grave matter, but currently the effects cannot be measured or detected by any physical machinery in a matter of moments. However, long term effects can be seen. Yet, it may require a deep understanding of the virtual code world to understand what is happening.

May be the sudden bouts of rebellion that gripped the Arab nations can have some link to the fact that a huge section of the people working there are from feudal language nations. They can really create a feeling of distance between the ruling class and the ordinary citizens. By their words, glances, posture and such.

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