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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Carrying a social imagery

Persons who speak and think in any specific language do involuntarily carry a picture of human relationships that is in sync with the designs encoded in that language. For example, when one says the word Amma in Malayalam, it does convey a specific design code. The word Amma means mother. However the word when mentioned in Malayalam does not simply mean mother as understood in English. In Malayalam, when one says that she is the amma of another person, immediately the message of a human relationship picture gets transferred to the listening person/s. 

The other person is seen as a subordinate with the links of Nee protruding from the mother, and the reference link (lower He) also emanating from her towards him. He is powerfully positioned in that gripping position, from where his ambit of manoeuvring is severely restricted. 

From the other man, the visual imagery depicts links like Amma, Avar (Higher She) and such exuding from him towards her. He is positioned in a lower location. She, in an elevation.

The others who have heard the relationship description can immediately get to know the power that this relationship can give to the amma over the other man.

It is not a relationship that one can imagine in English, where the links are more or less same height You, and he/she both ways.

Now what I want to convey as an extension of this idea is that in feudal languages, persons may bear different visual imagery of the human relationship positioning. For example, in one office, there may be a manager of say age 35. His subordinate may have an age of 47. Inside this office the manager has no problem of managing his subordinate. However, one fine morning another man of 45 years, starts staying in the office. He is of the visual imagery where the 47 year old man is senior as per his mental calculation connected to age.

In this visual imagery, the manager is younger and thus junior. Now whenever this third man enters into a scene where the manager is with his subordinate, there can be a sharp dismantling of the relative positions of persons. Especially, if the third person is not within a lower position in the verbal codes. In other words, the very presence of the third person can bring in a jolting feel to the other two persons. The subordinate may display a tendency to be over smart, or insubordinate.

Well what has happened could be explained as some sort of mental feelings. However, what has happened is real tumbling in the virtual code locations.

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