Having said that, I must make a most categorical statement. That the author of the book Mein Kampf was born in the wrong nation. He should have been born in England. He would have created a most secure England and at the same time, the English Empire would have stood the test of time. And since the native language would be English, there would be nothing to spur him to arms and battles.

In this case it might be mentioned that he does miss an understanding of English antiquity. England never seems to have had military ambitions on Continental European territories. In fact, it had a history keeping away from acquisitions on the Continent. Yet, the various nations inside Continental Europe incessantly had the aim to conquer England.

I do not know if any similarity can be found in the seclusion that the Anglo-Dutch whites in South Africa wanted from the native-African, and the unceasing urge on the part of the native-African to be connected to the Anglo-Dutch sides. Or, in the urge of Brahmin in the Indian subcontinent for a seclusion from the other populations and the urges of the other populations to be able to barge into their secure zones.

Note: As of now, I think it was wrong on my part to have clubbed the Dutch with the English.

The issue is that even though there were a number of Whites-only beaches in South Africa, there would literally hundreds of beaches open for the blacks, which they could use in seclusion. In the same manner, there were many temples built by the Brahmins for their own use as per their own traditions. At the same time, there was umpteen numbers of temples and other shrines where the other populations pray to their own gods and deities. However, they still want to barge in. In most cases, it simply shows a lack of quality among themselves, and their own inability to create quality institutions.

Again to the point on why a seemingly great admirer of England ultimately fell into the same trap for going for a head-on fight with England could contain the codes of very complicated riddles. However, the answers may be quite easy to find. It remains hidden in the shrouded codes of the feudal language, German. The admirer of England ultimately had to work inside the confines of the German language, and use its full rousing power to surge himself to the pinnacle of power. There are hidden multi-headed surges inside such languages that wouldn’t stop at that point.

These waves would pulsate on and on to newer domains, propelled by the surging masses, who also function in the same feudal language. Literally, doom was encoded in his destiny.

MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


Commentary - Born in the wrong place