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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 1 : 81 to 83

81. The fact that a world empire the size of the British could not be put together by mere subterfuge and swindling was unfortunately something that never even occurred to our exalted professors of academic science.

Again a most wonderful observation by Adolf Hitler. It is not possible to run so huge an Empire as the English Empire, by fraud and swindling. A huge support from the common man is required. Moreover, to run it without errors require a language system which allows people to think and act, and interact intelligently. If it were any Indian vernaculars, things will run, as it runs in India. With a huge mess everywhere. Nothing would move unless propelled by bribes and obsequious servitude.

82. I remember well my comrades’ looks of astonishment when we faced the Tommies in person in Flanders. After the very first days of battle the conviction dawned on each and every one of them that these Scotsmen did not exactly jibe with the pictures they had seen fit to give us in the comic magazines and press dispatches.

That reminds me of a young boy in the local village here, who was totally uneducated in the informal sense. His father had gone to England as a serving person of an Arab, when he was working in Dubai. This father of his soon settled down in England and after some years, he became a ‘Briton’ with citizenship. Soon he took his huge family to England. When the young boy landed in England, he couldn’t literally believe his eyes. He couldn’t believe that such a land could exist on earth. The word he mentioned in his phone call to one of his friends home was that much revealing.

As to the other side of this story, it is the tragic side. When he came home for visit, his claim was that he was British. Even though he had totally changed in demeanour and physical postures, it was a terrible thing to define the term British through him.

As to the words of Adolf Hitler, he mentions Scots. The fact is that any population group connected to pristine-English or pristine-England would show more or less the same level of quality enhancement.

83. If the Englishman had succeeded, we too were bound to succeed, and our definitely greater honesty, the absence in us of that specifically English ‘perfidy,’ was regarded as a very special plus.

If the Englishman had succeeded, it is not by means of his courage and daring and bravery, but due to a social communication system that was not mutually backstabbing, but something that encouraged human potential in everyone.

That does not mean that others cannot takeover other nations. They can, but then, it is quite a different experience, for everyone. Even though, the academic textbook would speak of English deceitfulness, and cunning and maliciousness, the truth is that the honest affection of the feudal-language speaking social leadership is of more terrible atrociousness and horrendous agony. English colonialism’s hallmark was ‘fairplay’.

This is a theme that really requires a cross-language explanation.

Look at the image of these young English women in British-India. The stay-at-home British derisive definition of these women would be as ‘Memsahibs’. Now who is the Memsahib/ ‘Memsaab’? It is the word in Hindi for addressing the socially higher woman. It must be some kind of female derivative of ‘Saab’, feudal ‘respectful’ word necessarily to be given to the upper class native of the northern parts of the Indian peninsula.

If ‘Memsahib’ and its male counterpart ‘Saab’ is not mentioned by the lower classes Hindi speakers, the higher class high women and men, will have to commit suicide. That is the power of the feudal language systems. It is not these words that cause the terrific mood for self-killing, but the range of the others for Him, His, Her, Hers etc. that are conjoined to these words. When one goes down, the other words also go down to gutter levels.

People are arranged not as in an English military ranking manner, but in a manner in which each down position is degraded into a stink level. The stink is felt from the higher levels. For each level, the higher level has a rosy fragrance. However, from the heights, every lower level stinks.

Cunning guys would promote such images as given above to give an impression that the tragic looks of the native population is due to some oppression by the English women. That is not the truth. The local upper classes keep these huge number of people in a very low quality state by suppressing them with words like Nee, Thoo etc. However, unsuspecting Englishwomen arrive on the photo-scene to take the blame. that is the truth.

The common man of the Subcontinent literally worship the English rulers who saved them from further social enslavement.

Now, look the scene in the local village small town here.

Men of higher ranking would not love to wander around these shops, unless they themselves have a place of their own to sit down. Women generally keep away. Why? If one were to have asked anyone why the women do not come to the shops here on a regular shopping basis, the answer would have been , ‘Oh, they are uneducated women. They do not have the mental stature for such things’.

However, that is not the whole truth. Many women do go for various kinds of physical labour. They do mix with men in their work areas. However, in a location where men gather, with whom their formal relationship is not quite set up on a steady word code, it is not socially safe to mix. This un-safeness is connected to the word codes. Anyone can use words of addressing and referring of any word level they choose. And in the case of women moving around like a loose-bullet, they assign the lower words.

In this same village, there is a doctor and his wife. Wife is not from the same state. Yet can speak the local language quite nicely. She is well-educated and at home in English. She never comes to the village shopping area. Now, this gives the lie to the claim that women do not come to the shopping area because of their lowly mental stature.

And again, the women mentioned as of lowly mental stature are not actually of any lowly mental stature at all. In a location where they are in the superior platform, they would also crush anyone who they can, verbally.

Now, suppose a well-educated, from a high stature family, female wanders around the shopping area regularly. What happens? The answer is that in the word codes, she will be pushed to the gutter levels. In fact, women in many (not all) Indian language ambience, who mix with men without taking the necessary steps to first arrange a solid wall of ‘respect’ and ‘respectability’ in indicant word codes (like Aap, Maadam/Meedam, Memsahib, Chechi, Akka etc.) would lose their ‘respect’ in word codes.

Once this happens, then she is openly referred to and addressed in the lower words. Women who are assigned the lower indicant words are very much liable to be mentioned with profane thoughts, profane fantasies and profane desires. At the same time, a female who is assigned a higher indicant word code, cannot be mentally or verbally molested, thus. These are information that has not been understood by the stay-at-home Britons, be it great academic geniuses.

In India, women who know these things keep a distance from Indian men. And also from Indian women who they find of lower stature, and yet not willing to concede ‘respect’. Both men and women of low stature who are not willing to concede ‘respect’ are dangerous.

The verbally denigrated woman should keep away from men who do the denigration. Or else, they become sluts, who are moving in a wanton manner among men, who do not see their face or demeanour, but literally view and fantasy the hidden parts of the body, in a most open manner. This is the exact secret of the issue of English women being mentioned as decadent. And English social system also being defined as decadent.

However, there is another more tragic side to this game. Many women use the respect versus pejorative codes in the reverse. In that they suppress men-folk whom they can suppress. In which case, if a quality male is thus degraded, he literally goes socially imbecile. As to lower quality men, they bear the brunt without too much a problem. For they are used to this kind of taunting degradation.

It is not something to do with what the English females do, but about who they are mixing with. They are mixing with men, with whom the women in India keep a distance from, if the desired level of ‘respect’ is not established. As to current-day England, the English females are generally going down to the level of sluts in the Indian language codes. And the tragedy is that there is no way for the native-English society to know about this. For, the translated-in-English affability of the other folks is too bewitching to be understood as containing a most sinister code.

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