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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - A demystification!


It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


Annotations VOL - 2 : 550 to 592

550. It would be ridiculous and illogical to shoot a poor wretch who had betrayed the position of a howitzer to the enemy while the highest positions of the government are occupied by a rabble who bartered away a whole empire,

Yes, there is logic in this. In India, most government employees are similar to pickpockets. Yet, no one mentions this connection.

551. Seeing that its members must undergo a good physical training, the place of chief importance must not be given to military drill but rather to the practice of sports.

Adolf Hitler going into the detailing of who to set up his storm troops.

552. Comrades and Comradesses of the International Proletariat

Communist sloganeering.

553. They welcomed us openly, and in the evening, on our return march, spontaneous shouts of jubilation broke out at several points along the route.

No comment.

554. Thus at Coburg, for the first time since 1914, the equality of all citizens before the law was re-established.

Equality before the law is possible only if the language is planar like English. This right is enshrined in the Constitution of India. However, in every government office, and in police stations in India, this right is trampled to the ground, by the use of varying words of address and referring. Yet, the judicial courts in India, which are very much aware of this, simply choose to act blind. So much is the ‘importance’ given to the tenets inside the Constitution of India, inside India.

555. Only a few decent newspapers expressed their satisfaction that at least in one locality the Marxist street bullies had been effectively dealt with.

No comment

556. experience teaches that the human being fights only for something in which he believes and which he loves.

No comment

557. Hence he decided that the best way of forestalling an outbreak on the part of the enraged and desperate masses would be to inflame their wrath and at the same time give it another outlet.

No comment

558. set the different branches of the German people quarrelling with one another, so that their attention would be turned away from himself and he could plunder them all the more completely

I must admit that I was once very categorically told by an Indian government ‘officer’ that if the people do organise against the national plunder that the Indian officialdom was engaged in, all they had to do was to create a small communal strife among them. Then they will fight, and the police will get the chance to enter into their private areas.

559. My small band of comrades felt for the first time absolutely united with me and readily swore to stick by me through life and death

Significant moments in Adolf Hitler’s life

560. By distorting the federalist idea in such a way its own champions prepared its grave.

No comment

561. Never against the Jew, however, but always the German against his own brother.

Divide and rule. In the new nation of India, this is the official technique to rule a huge mass of people, who are swindled by the government employees.

562. 1. The ability which the Jew has displayed in turning public attention away from himself and giving it another direction may be studied also in what is happening today.

2. Anyhow, the Jew has attained the ends he desired. Catholics and Protestants are fighting with one another to their hearts’ content, while the enemy of Aryan humanity and all Christendom is laughing up his sleeve.

To make the above sentences speak the truth about the nation of India, just replace the word ‘Jew has’ with the words ‘Indian government employees have’.

563. Systematically these negroid parasites in our national body corrupt our innocent fair-haired girls and thus destroy something which can no longer be replaced in this world.

No comment

564. I have no hesitation in saying that in those men who seek today to embroil the patriotic movement in religious quarrels I see worse enemies of my country than the international communists are

No comment

IMAGE: 1934: Buckeberg Rally

565. It will be always one of the first duties of those who are directing the National Socialist Movement to oppose unconditionally any attempt to place the National Socialist Movement at the service of such a conflict.

No comment

566. that atheist Marxist newspapers advocated the cause of one religious denomination or the other, according as it suited Marxist interests, so as to create confusion through slogans and declarations which were often immeasurably stupid

No comment

567. By a Confederacy we mean a union of sovereign states which of their own free will and in virtue of their sovereignty come together and create a collective unit, ceding to that unit as much of their own sovereign rights as will render the existence of the union possible and will guarantee it.

No comment

568. And least of all by the American Union, where it is impossible to speak of original sovereignty in regard to the majority of the states

No comment

569. The great difference in territorial area between the very small German states that then existed and the larger, or even still more the largest, demonstrates the inequality of their achievements and shows that they could not take an equal part in founding and shaping the federal Empire.

No comment

570. I must call attention to the fact that hardly in any case did their frontiers coincide with ethical frontiers of the inhabitants

It is funny to know an unknown history of India. The various kingdoms were forcefully added to India by the newly formed India, by using the part of the British-Indian army that came into the hands of the new leaders. After that, started a political process of indoctrinating the minds of the citizens about a nation that had 7000 years antiquity.

571. The principle followed by Bismarck was not to give the Reich what he could take from the individual states but to demand from the individual states only what was absolutely necessary for the Reich.

No comment

572. the old Reich gave freedom to its people at home and showed itself strong towards the outside world, whereas the Republic shows itself weak towards the stranger and oppresses its own citizens at home.

No comment

573. And it is a piece of impudent falsehood for the present regime to speak of ‘Free citizens’. Only the old Germany could speak in that manner. The present Republic is a colony of slaves at the service of the stranger.

I need to take the above words away from Germany and place it in India. Only the citizens of the few places that were under the direct rule of the English can claim to have had any freedom in the subcontinent. As for now, the common man is a slave under the Indian government employees. The pejorative words are assigned to the common man and the ennobling words are secured by the government officials, apart from the totality of the national resources.

574. In German history, favouritism has never been of so base a character as in the democratic republic

No comment

575. The absurdity which some federal states commit by maintaining ‘representations’ abroad and corresponding foreign ‘representations’ among themselves – that must cease and will cease.

I am not sure this is not being done by at least some of the states in India, now.

576. What made this a city of importance was the King who wished to present it to the German nation as an artistic jewel that would have to be seen and appreciated, and so it has turned out in fact.


577. The German army does not exist for the purpose of being a school in which tribal particularisms are to be cultivated and preserved, but rather as a school for teaching all the Germans to understand and adapt their habits to one another.

If the German language is feudal, then the way the German army will compress the social spaces would be by a draconian force. Even though, this might look quite nice and well-disciplined, the social set up that get activated will be millions of miles away from the natural self-discipline that was the antique hall-mark of pristine-ENGLAND. However, what the condition is of current-day England has to be studied in comparison with the earlier day pristine-ENGLISH.

It is a possible that a very boisterous kind of dynamic and throbbing freedom might be felt by the younger generations of current times in England. However, this would be just the early signs of an infection of feudal languages all around the nation. Unless some very drastic remedies are set into action, pristine-ENGLAND is done for.

As to Adolf Hitler, he was of great aims, but he surely was bundled with the wrong software. It was a useless endeavour to try to promote something that will never, left to itself, create an egalitarian social system.

578. but those of the fatherland, because it is the latter that he will have to defend one day.

As with all feudal language speaking individuals, Adolf Hitler can only envisage national and human relationships in terms of conflicts, invasions, conquering and such things. In fact, in feudal languages, there is a continuous mood of belligerence, offence and defence. Every word and usages is used in a mode of comparison.

579. When the same set of ideas have found a lodgement in the minds of a certain number of people they tend of themselves to form a certain degree of order among those people and out of this inner formation something that is very valuable arises.

No comment

580. It will often be found that apparently insignificant persons will nevertheless turn out to be born leaders....

But when the abilities of theorist and organiser and leader are united in the one person, then we have the rarest phenomenon on this earth. And it is that union which produces the great man.

Leadership is basically the chance offered by circumstances to have people loyal or committed to one.

581. 1. Every movement which has gained its human material must first divide this material into two groups: namely, followers and members.

2. The greatest danger that can threaten a movement is an abnormal increase in the number of its members, owing to its too rapid success.

It is a great information. Very useful when contemplating on building an organisation based on ideals.

582. the party mixed water with its wine

Rubbish should not be allowed to mix up with quality, in a mood of equality. Quality will go rubbish. Rubbish will not become quality.

583. All great movements, whether of a political or religious nature, owe their imposing success to the recognition and adoption of those principles. And no durable success is conceivable if these laws are not observed.

It is true. When speaking about English, unless a feeling that the principles of pristine-ENGLISH are unalterable, other than only after serious deliberation, inner codes of pristine-ENGLISH will go spoiled. What this spoiling is, is not known or understood by native-ENGLISH speakers. However discerning persons, who know both sides of the equation, are aware of the atrophy arriving into the interiors of pristine-ENGLISH.

IMAGE: Adolf Hitler with Japanese foreign minister - Connecting with the wrong crowd. The same mistake the US did with more terrible disaster for their native citizens. If Adolf Hitler’s side had won the war, how will he handle the Japanese? If Japanese language has terribly hierarchical codes that literally crumple’s up human personality, Germany would find it quite difficult to handle the requirement of that language group

584. 1. At the same time a new statute was passed which invested sole responsibility in the chairman of the movement, abolished the system of resolutions in committee and in its stead introduced the principle of division of labour which since that time has worked excellently.

2. In the place of decisions by the majority vote of the committee, the principle of absolute responsibility was introduced.

Even though Adolf Hitler’s originality must be admitted, the fact is that the English East India Company administration in certain parts of the Indian subcontinent was similar to this. There was no democracy to control any maladministration. However, there was pristine-ENGLISH which would bring everything into perfection. And off course, there was no democracy to introduce maladministration. So, there was no system of resolutions in committees. Instead, individual responsibility was there. And no feudal language speakers were given any value.

585. At a time when the majority dominates everywhere else a movement which is based on the principle of one leader who has to bear personal responsibility for the direction of the official acts of the movement itself will one day overthrow the present situation and triumph over the existing regime. That is a mathematical certainty.

It indeed is. But then, couldn’t that system be framed in pristine-ENGLISH. Otherwise the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, might also get activated.

586. The man who does valuable work for his people expresses thereby his excellent sentiments, whereas another who merely talks about his opinions and does nothing that is of real value or use to the people is a person who perverts all right thinking.

A valuable insight about an everyday reality.

587. only on condition that he must not be at the mercy of incompetent committees. He must be responsible to one master, and only one

It is bound to be a very powerful command and obedience machinery.

588. The employed personnel hold their jobs in virtue of their practical efficiency and could not in any manner take cover behind their professed loyalty to the party.

Insights of his office management, which he kept apart from party loyalty.

589. because we could not get a capable man to take on a job if nincompoops were constantly allowed to butt in, pretending that they knew everything much better; whereas in reality they had left only general chaos behind them

No comment.

590. one should not tire of seeking until the best and honestest and manifestly the most competent person could be found for the position of leader or administrator in each section of the movement.

No comment.

591. 1. a new ideal is introduced in our education, which would change the attitude of the employer towards the worker, no other course would be open to the latter except to defend his own interests himself by appealing to his equal rights as a contracting party within the economic sphere of the nation’s existence.

2. as long as there were men among the employers who had no sense of their social obligations nor even of the most elementary human rights

3. because a real National Socialist education for the employer as well as for the employee, in the spirit of a mutual co-operation within the common framework of the national community, cannot be secured by theoretical instruction, appeals and exhortations, but through the struggles of daily life.

The basic tenets of labour relationship are encoded differently in different languages. ( Adolf Hitler totally missed this very essential information.

592. The National Socialist Trades Union is not an instrument for class warfare, but a representative organ of the various occupations and callings.

No comment

IMAGE: 1943: War against England is definitely not going right.

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